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Message from Mark and Bob
What We’re Reading – Worldcom’s UN-enlightened
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Message from Mark and Bob

Have you ever used a poor example to illustrate a point? Well, we have some great “bad examples” in recent news to drive home what an “Enlightened Millionaire” is NOT. Recent Worldcom and Enron executives have show us just what kind of damage UN-enlightened millionaires can do. They are but two front page news stories we’ve all been reading which display ugly, unrestrained corporate greed.

And what reward do these unscrupulous executives get for defrauding their investors? Hopefully, jail time. Such misconduct has not only damaged their eternal souls, but has affected the world’s financial markets. Their greed has slowed our own economic recovery and put honest individuals out of work. Even more dastardly stories are exposed daily. While depressing to read, such news teaches us a powerful lesson of the wide-ranging and detrimental effects that greed can have on individual people and the world in which we live.

Imagine for a moment how different things would be if the opposite happened? Rich corporations and wealthy individuals who are honest and generous in their dealings! Not only do they make millions for themselves, but share their wealth with the world community. In the short term the economy becomes recession proof and unemployment plummets. In the long term we could end world hunger, replant the rainforests and save the oceans. We would end illiteracy, support charities and contribute more to church and community. Literally, the “enlightened” millionaire’s excess prosperity would spill-over into an abundance of good for the world!

This is the essence of the “Enlightened Millionaire” theory of wealth creation. We know it is possible. If you haven’t already attended our FREE introductory telecoaching session. Register today and get involved with our program. The train is leaving the station and we want YOU aboard. Register for FREE Sept 10th telecoaching.

Warmest Regards,

Mark Victor Hansen
Robert G. Allen

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What We’re Reading – Worldcom’s UN-enlightened

It’s been a neverending stream of corporate greed, executive misdeeds and investor fraud. These “UN-enlightened” executives need to read our book!

Ex-WorldCom Execs Indicted for Fraud

We found this interesting breakdown of the whole fiasco on this legal site:

Worldcom – Nearly 4 Billion in misrepresented financial records!

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