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Message from Mark – Success Systems
The Most Unique Book Ever Written! Last day to get it FREE
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Message from Mark – Success Systems

Take a look at professional football teams in the United States. What sets one apart from another? What makes one team a loser and the other a winner?

Pro teams all have talented players. Some may have more talent than others, but talent alone does not win games. So what makes one talented team win while another team, equally or even more talented loses? Is it the coaches? Many coaches have won with one team and gone on to lose with another. Is it the way they train? Most all professionals follow the same training regiment.

The truth is, there isn’t really any “one thing” that you can point to that makes one football team more successful than another. You have to look behind the scenes of a successful team to find the answer, and it’s one of those universal truths that applies to anything. What makes for success year after year is their SYSTEM. That’s the key. Success comes from a system where all the pieces work together to form a whole that is greater than the parts.

What made McDonalds such a huge success? Ray Kroc discovered a system that he was able to replicate in every corner of the earth. That is the key to a successful system; it must be easy to replicate.

If you want to be successful, you need to develop or find a successful system. Without a system, you’re just someone who gets up in the morning and goes to sleep at night.

We have created several successful systems ourselves. Bob created the “No Money Down Real Estate” system that has benefited thousands. My partner Jack Canfield and I have created a way to publish the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books that has resulted in over 80 million copies sold.

Do you have a system to create wealth? Do you have a set plan to follow that can take you from where you are to where you want to be? Stick with us over the next few months and we’ll teach you about some of the most successful money making systems we have discovered. If you just can’t wait, come over and join us at our WEB site or attend one of our FREE tele-conferences, where you’ll find out about some of the most powerful wealth creating systems in the world.

And if you haven’t already, this is the last day to get your FREE copy of our NEW book The One Minute Millionaire just for the price of shipping. We’ll even throw in Bob’s excellent Multiple Streams of Income CD tutorial as well. Once The One Minute Millionaire is available at bookstores, we can no longer give it away, but we’ve worked out a deal with our publisher to give out 1,000,000 copies before the release date. So, get a first edition, hardbound copy at no cost before its too late.


Mark and Bob
[email protected]

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The Most Unique Book Ever Written! Last day to get it FREE

Mark and Bob have written the most unique book ever created! The One Minute Millionaire is destined to be a #1 bestseller in both the fiction and non-fiction categories simultaneously. This is the exciting new wealth creation textbook and compelling fictional novel that they’ve put together specifically for the purpose of helping in their goal to create 1,000,000 millionaires within the decade!

Until October 1st, you can get a hardbound, 1st edition copy of this 390 page book simply for the price of shipping! But you must order before its released in bookstores next month. This may be your last chance! Click HERE to get yours!

What’s it about?

The right side pages: A suspenseful story of a young woman left destitute when an accident takes the life of her husband. Problem in-laws seize the opportunity to take away her children by claiming she is unfit and can’t possibly provide for them. The drama intensifies when, in desperation, she makes a seemingly impossible bargain. Now, if she is to get back her children, she must make a million dollars in 90 days! Can she do it? She MUST do it!

The left side pages: This is where the real money-making meat of The One Minute Millionaire resides. As the story shows you an example of how one person can amass a million dollars in short time, the left side gives capsules of knowledge, inspiration and exercises. The strategies, secrets and systems of wealth creation. Each page communicates one key concept. These “Millionaire Minutes” tell another story: What are millionaires like, how do you become a millionaire, and what does it take to become a millionaire?

What are you waiting for? It’s FREE! Click HERE to get yours!

NEW Onsite: Financial Goals Calculator

We recieved lots of positive feedback from you about our Millionaire Calculator that we introduced last e-zine. It shows just how EASY it can be to make a million dollars and tells you the exact day you’ll become a millionaire.

Now we’ve got another financial toy for you to play with. It’s the Financial Goals Calulator, and it won’t stop at a million, so go crazy!

CLICK HERE for the Financial Goals Calculator

Become a Certified Millionaire

Find out what it takes to become a certified millionaire. How do your desires, combined with a little faith, create the necessary commitment needed to have what it takes?

Click Here to get certified!

Resources and the Latest Tele-Conference Dates!

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