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Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!
Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!
Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!

Mark and Bob say, “Thanks!”
No.1 at! Offer Extended
Events and Tour Schedule
“Core Values” Survey
Millionaire Resources

Mark and Bob say, “Thanks!”

Dear Millionaire Minute Subscribers,

Last Thursday we asked you to help us make our newest book The One Minute Millionaire a #1 Amazon bestseller. We have been overwhelmed with the positive response!

Here’s what happened…

As of October 14th The One Minute Millionaire was ranked at number 25,188. By Wednesday morning, on advance buzz, it had moved up to number 4,272. By 8 PM that night, it reached number 705.

Then, our coordinated marketing strategy kicked in. On Thursday, October 17th at approximately 3:25 PM PST it hit NUMBER ONE! From nowhere to #1 in 24 hours!

We owe you a debt of gratitude for helping us pull off this amazing accomplishment. Once again, THANK YOU!

Your friends and money mentors,

Mark Victor Hansen
The World’s #1 Non-fiction Author

Robert Allen
The World’s #1 Millionaire Maker

P.S. And just in case some of you weren’t able to get in on the incredible marketing blitz and our bonus package, we’ve extended the time that the page will be up, so you can still get there to order. See below!

No.1 at! Offer Extended

We’ve extended the offer, so if you haven’t already bought the book, just click on the link below. It will take you to a special area where you can buy the book for only $13.97-a savings of 30% off the cover price. This will then qualify you for the extra $250 in fabulous bonuses (4 FREE Books and 6 Special Reports) plus the powerful teleconference with Mark and Bob.

Remember …

* Go HERE and get the book at a discount.

* Then, return HERE with your Amazon purchase ID to get your bonus gifts–a $250.00 Value!

Events and Tour Schedule

Shake hands with TWO Proven Millionaire Makers!
Come meet best-selling authors and celebrated wealth creation experts Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person at any of the below events. Listen to their money-making strategies and secrets first hand, and then get your copy of The One Minute Millionaire signed! Starting October 2002, Mark and Bob will be crisscrossing the globe to promote the release of their NEW book, so check out their schedule to see when they’ll be in YOUR town.

Events and Tour Schedule

NEW Online – “Core Values” Survey

The following short, simple and yet thought provoking survey will help you determine your core values. Once you are consciously aware of your core values, then you can see how certain activities do not correspond with your values. Eliminate those and seek to engage in activities that will create fulfillment and satisfaction in your work and life.

Click Here to take the Core Values survey.

Millionaire Resources

TeleCoaching Dates:
WHEN: Tuesday, November 5th
WHAT TIME: 6 PM Pacific (7 PM Mountain, 8 PM Central, 9 PM Eastern)
HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Note the starting time for your time zone and call…
CALL THIS PHONE NUMBER: 1-212-461-5900 Access Code is 3744#
Don’t miss these FREE TeleCoaching sessions with Mark and Bob!
Register HERE

Millionaire Tools:
See when you’ll become a millionaire with the “Millionaire Calculator”. Plot your course to riches with the aid of our “Financial Goals” calculator. See if you have a millionaire personality with our HOTS Survey. For ALL these millionaire tools, follow THIS link.

Online Store:
Books and Tapes from Robert G. Allen and Mark Victor Hansen
Go to the store HERE

Book Tour Dates:
Mark and Bob will be coming to your city starting in October! Check out their schedule so you can get YOUR copy of The One Minute Millionaire signed. Check HERE for dates and locations.

FREE One Minute Millionaire Book Preview:
As a newsletter subscriber, we’re pleased to give you a sneak peek into its pages before it comes out to the public. Download the Intro and Chapter One HERE

Millionaire Articles:
We’ve started an ALL-NEW section on the web site where we’ll be archiving some great content from Mark and Bob. Check back often for updates. Start reading HERE

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