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The One Minute Millionaire Affiliate Program

Earn 50% Per Sale by Placing The One Minute Millionaire Links on Your Web Site!

Do you have a web site? If you do, you can join The One Minute Millionaire Affiliate Program and make money for free by putting up a banner, link, or search box on your site.

Why Should I Join The One Minute Millionaire Affiliate Program?
Everyone knows Robert G. Allen as author of two of the largest selling financial books in history. And of course Mark Victor Hansen co-author of the very popular Chicken Soup for the Soul books which have sold over 60 million copies. This is why partnering with us and becoming affiliated with our Web site will easily generate tons of revenue and be mutually beneficial for the both of us.

How Does The One Minute Millionaire Affiliate Program Work?
It’s easy! Fill out our online application and post our links on your web site. Then whenever your visitors click on the link, they will be taken to The One Minute Millionaire web site. If they buy one of our products, you will be paid a commission of 50% per customer. It’s that simple!

Join our program and we’ll help you:

  1. create useful banners, links, and search boxes on your website
  2. get new traffic from search engines and elsewhere
  3. successfully promote The One Minute Millionaire on your site
Then we do the rest! We keep track of all your visitors. You earn 50% commission for every purchase generated from your site.

How Do I Become a One Minute Millionaire Affiliate?
Here’s how!
All you need to do is put a banner, link, or search box on your site that introduces them to The One Minute Millionaire (we provide all of these.) Every time a customer is linked to our site and buys a product you receive commission!

We Handle the Rest!

We process the order. We ship the products. We handle customer service and billing. You receive the commission. We’ll pay you every month, starting from the date you are accepted into the program!

Yes! I want to start earning commissions today!

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