The Five Cs
by Denise Michaels

Does The Thought of Marketing Your Company Make Your Skin Crawl?

Do you have a great idea for a business but haven’t launched it yet because you don’t know enough about marketing?

Have you started a business but it hasn’t skyrocketed as you hoped?

Many people dislike marketing because they’re unsure how everything they’ve heard applies to their situation. Most of us are more at ease doing the things that are within our expertise rather than venture outside our comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs often don’t realize effective marketing customized for your business is the most important factor to putting cash in your pocket or purse and having control over your destiny.

I’ve coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and many mistakenly believe a product or service of the highest quality will sell itself. Not true. When you don’t focus attention on marketing your business; financial struggle is inevitable. Word of mouth is the best advertising, but it takes a long time to reach a point where you can pay your bills and live the life you deserve on word of mouth alone. Financial freedom, which allows you to do what you want when you want, should be spelled, “m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g”.

In this era of savvy consumers and advertising saturation, an excellent product or service is just the start. Integrity comes first, then you must let the world (or at least your ideal customers) know what you’re doing.

A statistic from 1994 said we are bombarded with between 4,000-5,000 marketing and advertising messages daily. Now that number has skyrocketed to 13,000 messages daily. Is it any wonder people are seeking refuge in quiet time? For the person striving to get a message out, how do you break through the noise to present a message that will attract your ideal customer to happily say “yes”?

There are many ways a new business owner can spend money on marketing with no guarantee of results. Even experienced entrepreneurs must keep learning effective ways to dodge the black holes that can gobble up a marketing budget in a hurry. There are so many choices; often the expert guidance of someone who has cracked the code, willing to show you secret formulas for entrepreneurial success, is necessary. Entrepreneurs want hands-on, concrete information that makes your life simple without putting demands on your time. They want practical systems that work automatically.

One of the many marketing ideas that I help students discover is what I call “The Five Cs”. No, these aren’t the same five C’s you see in a diamond; but they will help you become wealthier.

  1. Love Your Customer
  2. Be Clear
  3. Do marketing that’s emotionally Compelling
  4. Be Congruent
  5. Avoid Confusion

Love Your Customer

This means more than giving great customer service. I assume you already do that. Most people are so caught up in the product or service they offer, they never take time to determine who their ideal customer is. They waste a lot of time trying to attract everyone, and educate skeptics who will never buy, rather than focus in on the specific individuals who are perfect for you, your product or service.

When I ask, “What makes your customer or client tick?” they are often at a loss for words. After considering that question and a few more, they realize their energy is going into learning everything possible about the product and not about the customer.

It’s easy to get caught up in the passion of a product, process or idea. It’s concrete and easy to understand. There is no sense of risk or rejection when you’re focused on your product or service. It takes vision to determine not just what you do but who you do it for. This establishes your credibility and expertise. This helps you put out one message focused on the right people who are right for you.

Have a Clear Message That Makes it Easy for Customers to Say “Yes”

Be clear. Create a succinct, passionate message you can share with others in one-on-one meetings such as at networking groups. Many people call this “an elevator speech”. If you were riding on an elevator and noticed you were with one person who could help boost your business, what would you say? If you can’t sum up who you are and what you do in ten seconds or less, you’re unclear. You’re hoping your potential customers will interpret it for you and decide if it’s right for them. We’re all too busy. You must figure it out and offer it to them in a way that they want to receive it. As you gain greater clarity, you will attract more of the right people to your product or service.

Do Marketing That’s Emotionally Compelling

The most valuable thing you can share with people is information about you. Your experience, and how you overcame obstacles or challenges with the product of service you offer, can be compelling. People will see themselves in your story and think, “Wow! If it worked for her, maybe it will work for me, too.” I believe in marketing that makes people say, “I gotta have that!” about your product or service. It’s emotionally compelling and usually tells a story about how you or others solved a problem with your product or service.

What most people teach about marketing and advertising is “be brief – because people are in a hurry.” If people are interested in what you have to offer, you can’t tell them too much. If they’re not interested, it’s impossible to be too brief. People love stories of other people who have overcome challenges.

Taking a fresh, new look at your customers, and the problems your product or service solves as well as the benefits you offer, can result in an exciting marketing message that will create the cash flow you deserve.

Be Congruent in Every Aspect of Your Marketing

Being congruent means more than walking your talk and living in integrity. People can sense when the smallest nuance is out of place. They can tell when you care less about them and more about finding someone to share your product or service with. You may not even be aware of it, but it’s like you’re trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. The energy isn’t flowing because you’re wasting time trying to attract the wrong people. This creates a feeling of disconnection between you and your potential customers because you don’t truly understand them. You may not be out of integrity because you don’t realize this disconnect exists; however, you’re still incongruent. Get the energy of your marketing message flowing in one smooth, congruent direction towards only the individuals who are ideal for you and it will become effortless.

Avoid Confusion That Results in a “No”

A confused mind always says “no”. Because we are bombarded with so many choices, we must say no to most of them; otherwise, we would never get anything done. If your message is confusing to people, they will say “no”. You could have exactly what they need or want, but if they don’t understand how it solves their problem and gives them a benefit quickly, the answer will still be “no.” You have about seven seconds to grab someone’s attention. Keep checking in to make sure your message is congruent, clear, emotionally compelling and avoids confusion.

There are formulas that make it work, but they must be applied to your specific situation.

Here are a few pieces to create marketing that will attract your ideal customers:

A mission statement that reflects your business, your way.
A unique selling proposition that draws in new customers.
A profile of your ideal customer and what it takes to attract them.
A sales letter, website content or brochure that makes customers happy and eager to buy from you.
Internet strategies on a shoestring that draw in new business.
Amazing ideas that will make customers eager to buy from you.
Tips to help you get free publicity, build your credibility and turn your business into a fun, highly profitable one.
These are just a few of the secrets you must know to have a business that’s in the flow of money and wealth and supports you.

Carpenters often say, “Measure twice and cut once.” In a way, marketing like that. When you take the time to figure out who your ideal customer is, and how your product or service is right for them, you will have cracked the code that will lead to greater success and more freedom and fun in your life.

Graduating from Central Michigan University in with a Bachelor’s Degree, Michaels majored in both Business-Marketing and Journalism-Advertising. For over 20 years, Denise M. Michaels has been a successful marketer. From advertising to market research, from public relations to strategic planning and sales, she has done it all. She understands the powerful impact of our communications on others. She is a busy Tele-class and Workshop Leader, Coach and Mentor, supporting Robert Allen’s elite Protégés in their entrepreneurial and marketing endeavors. She has helped countless people do more and be more while creating exciting cash flow streams. Protégé, Dan Rendsland of Texas, says, “Denise has challenged me, inspired me and supported me to take positive action by simply following her step-by-step methods for becoming an Enlightened InfoPreneur . . . My business is expanding exponentially with a positive cash flow and an increasing client base.”