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By LuxmiH Eve-Lyn Forbes

“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” W.D. Wattles (Science of Getting Rich)

Their mission is to stimulate the creation of one million enlightened millionaires in a decade. Their goal is to “inspire a million millionaires to give 10% of all they earn each year back to their communities – to improve the lives of others around them.” They believe that when this happens, it will generate BILLIONS of dollars focused on improving the well-being of humankind. ( )

Being Magazine recently interviewed two renowned authors and entrepreneurs: Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for the Soul series) and Robert Allen (Nothing Down, & Multiple Streams of Income). They first teamed up to rock the world with The One Minute Millionaire. Now their latest bestseller, Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth, is changing the way the world does business through Enlightened Entrepreneurship.

Being: In your book, The One Minute Millionaire, you mention that U.S. News & World Report named Edward Deming, the statistician who established the Total Quality Movement, as one of the nine hidden turning points in history. Judging by the speed of your success in helping to create enlightened millionaires, could it be that you are soon to be the tenth hidden turning point in history?

Mark: If that happens, we will be totally elated! Bob and I are saying that there is a new level of knowing, being and having. There’s a critical mass where everybody suddenly gets it, a new level of enlightened free enterprise that never existed before. We are going to bring up not only the whole of the American continent, but Asia and the African continent too. Let’s get out of this down-trodden consciousness and rocket forward to do stuff that’s never been done before.

Being: Would you say that money is simply a scorecard to let us know how our consciousness is doing?

Mark: Yes, that’s 100% correct. Bob and I are doing everything to keep our scorecard growing and, more importantly, keep our students’ scorecards growing. We are the only people I know of that have this outrageous, audacious goal of creating a million millionaires this decade, who give a million back to charity. A million times is a million is a trillion, and a trillion is going to paint a lot of social good. The cascade effect of a million enlightened millionaires sharing their wealth, both in knowledge and cash, will positively change the economic future of the world.

If it really breaks out the way we expect it to, it is going to get rid of diseases, take care of sick people, educate and even take care of half the population that no one else can take care of.

We’re saying, “Don’t depend on the government to take care of you.” You decide that you are going to roll up your sleeves and pull it off yourself. If you don’t take care of yourself financially, no one is going to take care of you. We recognize that social security is bankrupt. To think that the Government is going to take care of you is naïve at this time in history.

Being: The two of you are strong proponents of giving, sharing, and tithing. What do you say to people who feel that they do not have enough money to pay their bills, let alone have any left over for tithing?

Bob: Tithing, or giving, or sharing, is an absolute part of humanity’s Divine DNA. Since Divine DNA is within each one of us, we have a natural tendency at the deepest level to want to give. One of the stories in the Bible, for those of your readers who may have that as a belief, comes from 1 Kings 17:9. It is a story during a time of severe famine. The Lord sent Elijah to a widow who was about to cook all that was left in the bottom of her food barrel. Elijah asks her to share her meal with him. The widow explains that she was about to use the last few drops of oil and grain, and since there was no more to be had, she and her son faced certain starvation. Elijah says, “Fear not, go and do as thou hath said, but make me thereof a little bread FIRST.” She gives him a little bread first and because of her faith, her barrels were constantly replenished. She and her son not only survive but they also make it all the way through the famine. That story is there to teach us that when we have the kind of faith where we always give to Higher Power first, magical, miraculous things happen.

In 1987, I was at the bottom of an incredibly deep hole, physically and emotionally. I was certainly not down to my last meal but I was head over heals in debt. In my despair I fell on my face in my in my closet pleading for help from Higher Power, God, Creator, because I finally realized that I was not going to make it by myself. I was always fiercely independent. But I had to graduate from fierce independence to complete surrender. When I poured out my soul, a profound peace came over me with a spiritual experience that I will remember as long as I live. The weight of all my stupidity, failure and guilt over having lost everything for my family, who were so trusting, was lifted. This profound spiritual experience was life altering. No longer do I believe that there is a Higher Power. I know that there is a Higher Power. Once I surrendered and allowed myself to be a giver, even when I had very little or nothing to give, the doors and floodgates just miraculously opened. It seems that I needed to have crisis experiences to help drive me from my head to my heart.

Mark: I am just a simple guy who wrote a book called The Miracle of Tithing. We’ve got to tithe not just our treasures, but our four T’s. Our thinking is the most important, our time, our talent, and our treasures. Giving is the front end of receiving. God is the eternal giver and we are supposed to model God, good and unlimited giving.

When we first learned to tithe, I had come out of bankruptcy. I was young, married and we refinanced our first house. The amount was $60,000 that we were going to live off. We tithed $6,000 of it. I immediately wrote the check. My wife and I were saying, we could multiply this $6000 and turn it into more. But I put the check in the mail box and within minutes I walked back into the house and I got a call from the lender saying, “We’re giving you two points off on your mortgage”. Two points is $2000, and over 30 years that’s $60,000. We literally got back sixty thousand for a six thousand dollar gift. There was no reason that the lender had to do it—none! To this day, I am dumbfounded. It is an amazing principle that works.

Bob: Since this magazine is about “being,” the readership will realize that Higher Power knows where the gold is, knows how to arrange those synchro-destinies and make the connections happen.

Mark: The bottom line is that faith is you in action.

Being: Are you saying that tithing helps take us to a whole new level so that we tap into other dimensions? For example, before tithing, life is like a still life picture, but once we tithe the Light comes on and we leap into an animated hologram?

Mark: Bingo! Yes, and you get to play in that hologram. You go from two dimensions, to three dimensions, to holographic image.

Bob: That’s a great analogy.

Mark: Everyone knows Shakespeare’s quote from Hamlet, “To be or not to be,” but the truth is, we are saying in the book, Cracking the Millionaire Code, “3-B or not 3-B.” The 3-B’s represent your Body which vibrates at a slower, more dense, physical level, your Brain operates at a higher frequency, and your Being,which is your spiritual essence, the Divine.

Bob: So Body, Brain and Being are like three concentric circles overlapping each other. To create the best for your life and have the purest future, you literally triangulate the three B’s.

Our Bodies are a source of incredible wisdom. Every single cell in the body has the DNA and the blueprint within it to recreate the entire body. Then there’s the behind the scenes day-to-day functions such as breathing, blood circulation, and a myriad of other operational undertakings within the body, all of which is done without a conscious thought from you. Imagine the wisdom found in just one microscopic cell and then multiply it by the billions of cells that make up your body. The compound wisdom and the genius that is in your body is unfathomable. When you exercise you get those endorphins pumping, which allows you to access and take advantage of your magnificent physical being. When you think about your body that way and treat it as the incredibly valuable system that it is, then part of the body to benefit is your Brain.

Your Brain is the second circle from which you can draw vast wisdom, intuition, and thoughts. Through exercises such as visualization, journaling and questioning you can fine-tune this quantum equipment within your being.

Body and Brain is the symbiotic vehicle used by your Being or your spirit. We say in Cracking the Millionaire Code, your spirit is eternal. Most people refer to eternity only in one direction, from here forward. But we believe that spirit moves in other ways too.

Mark: We actually believe that Spirit is omni-directional. The genius of your spirit is immeasurably wise, profound and indescribably brilliant.

Whatever vibratory rate you are sending out, like if you want to attract money, though we don’t consider it to be the highest value; we consider spiritual values, family values, health values to be much higher. Money is something that is do-able, measurable, and achievable. But when you have money alone and you are materialistic, you don’t have money. Money has you! But when you are really in your being-ness, it forces you to be humble because we’re still growing and learning.

We really want to end poverty because we felt it, touched it, lived it, and experienced it. Poverty is cruel. Therefore, we are teaching the opposite of poverty. We are teaching generosity, gifting and higher levels of contribution that have ever been experienced. The only way you get there is by tithing.

Being: How would you suggest we best help our children?

Bob: There are several stages of maturity, seen in our children. There is dependence, independence and the highest stage of maturity is interdependence. As adolescents, they exercise their independence and, frankly, often they don’t want anything to do with us. But as they mature and sometimes have to graduate from the school of hard knocks, they eventually become interdependent. The short answer then, is to teach by example. They don’t learn any other way.

Being: Those stages of maturity that we see in our children, does that also apply to the stages of being in humanity?

Mark: The truth is that we are being invited to go to Asia, South America and Africa to facilitate the process of interdependence between cultures and nations. We are going to cause interdependence through enlightened entrepreneurship. Enlightened entrepreneurship is where you take something from a lower value to a higher value and this is the way to interdependence. Bob and I don’t believe politics is the way to interdependence. I think that Bill Gates and Microsoft does a better job integrating the world with the Internet than any President, King, Sultan or Emir.

Bob: I believe our mission deals with the entrepreneur world. Most entrepreneurs according to Covey are stuck in independence. They have a hard time getting out if independence. They want to do it by themselves, for themselves. It’s me, me, me. Enlightened entrepreneurs are interdependent. We create wealth to give it away. We create wealth to bestow knowledge, to bless people with our products and service and make the world a better place. Rather than competing, we become creative and interdependent. We realize that Higher Power has showered the earth with incredible ideas. These million dollar ideas are literally revelations. They spread across the world like an oak tree dropping acorns, expecting some of them to sprout. They are sprouting through us as enlightened entrepreneurs to interdependently and cooperatively bring the world to a higher level of thinking, loving, growing and being. And that’s what we are trying to do through our mission with enlightened entrepreneurs.


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