June’s Book of the Month
The Land of I Can by Susan Gilbert

"Bridal Showers, Graduations, Father’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries, and this year the welcoming home of our troops—June brings us much cause for celebration. Many of you will celebrate transitions into new phases of your lives with all the change this brings. Susan Gilbert’s book, The Land of I Can, will help to refocus and move you into these new experiences with ease. We wish you all much continued success, and thank you for your support to create Enlightened Millionaires around the world."

~ Mark Victor Hansen & Robert G. Allen


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"The Land of I Can is a powerful little book that can change your life with an ‘I Can’ attitude!"

~ Robert G. Allen, New York Times best-selling author of Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire.

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All journeys face perils, whether from indecision, from loneliness, or worst of all, from too much waiting. What we know in our hearts we should do, and what we actually live in this hectic, demanding, and overwhelming society, is often different. Sometimes just coping seems to be impossible and change is scary.

"If you have difficulty knowing what you really want, reading The Land of I Can will make your next step clear with a 5-minute plan for attacking procrastination."

~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul® and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire.

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