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Info-Preneuring Home Study Course

(Video & Audio)
Info-Preneuring Home Study Course
Robert G. Allen’s completely new Info-Preneuring Home Study Course shows you how to make millions in your information business. It consists of 12-CDs, 8-DVDs 4-Videos, 1-CDROM filled with Special Reports and valuable Resources, and a 192-page Manual designed to take you through the 8-steps to Info-Preneuring success. You will learn the insider secrets behind the mega-millions that Robert Allen has made as an Info-Preneur from Bob himself and the people that support him. And the best part is . . . the process is completely replicable! Yes, with the tools and systems given you in this course, you can duplicate everything mega-information millionaires, like Bob, have done easily and quickly, so you, too, can make millions from information you already know. It is basically turnkey. You plug in your ideas, and voilá . . . your information business is born, and your millions start to grow immediately. For more information about how you can prosper from marketing information, read the “Tell It and Sell It for Millions” Special Report

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