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Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue

What is delight, how do we describe it, let alone capture it?

Out of the Blue will help you answer these and other questions. “We tend to forget about delight in the rush of daily life,” explains Mark Victor Hansen. Delight is that fire of enthusiasm that turns work into play and challenges into pleasurable learning experiences. It is having natural zest for life, loving one another without fear, laughing out loud. We can create heaven right here on earth when we are in delight; we can live in a state of joy, bliss and ecstasy if we choose. “When asked what delights us, many of us are hard-pressed for an answer. We might know what makes us happy or pleases us, but delight seems too much to hope for”. Mark shows his devoted readers that living in delight is possible every day. This inspirational collection explains how the experience of delight opens us to compassion and spiritual awareness, and includes 52 “Delight Igniters” – ways to create happiness and share it with others.

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