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Meet Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen LIVE and IN PERSON!

Coming to Florida and California!

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Have you ever attended a motivational seminar?

Chicken Soup for the Soul
(Audio Cassette)

This audio collection from two of America’s best-loved inspirational speakers will not only touch your heart, it will inspire, clarify and motivate you – and show you what is possible. These specially selected stories, excerpts, poems and quotations will reveal simple truths and profound messages we’ve all learned…yet seem to forget when life gets us down.

Chicken Soup For The Soul is delightful, full of wisdom and easy-to-listen to – even for children – and its stories come from some of the most respected contributors of our time: Art Buchwald, Bennet Cerf, Robert Fulghum, Roy Campanella, Gloria Steinem, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins and so many more.

Some stories will speak loudly to you. Some will give you a quiet sense of calm. Whatever your reaction to them, you’ll never again search for something satisfying to listen to. And, once they strike a chord, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s warm and powerfully moving selections will be long remembered.

Plus, you’ll discover how to manage obstacles and conflict, why it pays to simply ask for what you want…and why it’s easier to hit the ball out of the park than to run around the bases. But more importantly, you’ll discover that defining your vision is 90% of the battle – and that believing you can is the only difference between dreaming your dream and living it.

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