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Robert Allen One Minute Millionaire Challenge

Climbing Millionaire Mountain

Financial freedom is a big goal, isn’t it? That’s what I like about it! It’s big enough to scare most people away. It’s just like learning to climb a mountain.

I would like you to imagine something with me. Imagine receiving a phone call from a very official-sounding gentleman. He says, “Hello, (insert name here), your uncle Harry just passed away and has left you a million dollars in his will.” One million dollars! Think of it!

But there is a catch… Since your uncle was a bit eccentric, he attached some rather unusual conditions to your obtaining the inheritance. The money has been deposited in a safety deposit box in Zurich, Switzerland. The key to the safety deposit box has been placed in a metal container and hidden in a secret cairn at the summit of Mount McKinley–the tallest mountain in North America. Your instructions are simple. You must climb to the top of the mountain, locate the key using a map you will be given, descend again, fly to Switzerland and use the key to open the safety deposit box. You will have twelve months to accomplish this, after which time the million dollars will be given to your worst enemy.

Obviously, you’d be flabbergasted. You’ve never climbed a mountain before. What’s worse, you are deathly afraid of heights. Your eccentric uncle has created a situation where you will have to face your fear and conquer it in order to win. Now, let me ask you a question. How many of you really believe that you would be able to overcome your fear, climb the mountain and retrieve the money within the allotted twelve months?

Well, you may not have inherited a bundle from an eccentric uncle, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a million dollars waiting for you. You won’t have to climb Mount McKinley to get it. But it’ll be just as scary. Starting, as you are, with little experience in climbing the money mountain, you will need to make a quantum leap to reach financial independence.

But I’ve been to the top before. I’ll be your guide. Before we tackle the big mountains we’ll practice on some small hills. You’ll get used to heights. With practice, your fear will diminish. I’ll show you where the money is. Believe me, it’s a lot less scary when you know where to look.

— Extracted from The Road to Wealth by Robert Allen

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