Let me show you how to turn a
$25 classified ad into millions.

Note to readers of my book Multiple Streams Of Income:
The secret “code word” mentioned in Chapter 12, page 219 is
found about half way through the body of the following text.
Keep reading and you’ll find it.

Are you looking for a way to create lifetime streams of cash flow?

Would you like to earn at least $1,000 a day, 365 days a year?

Would you like to start from scratch and create a multi-million dollar net worth in one of the most exciting business of the new millennium?

If you said, “Show me the money!”

Then, I say, “Bring your wheel barrow!”

I want to share with you the most exciting opportunity of this next century: Information Marketing.

A person who markets information is an “info-preneur.” This is a word I coined to describe an entrepreneur whose main product is information. If you haven’t heard much about this yet, you soon will. Real estate was a sleepy investment in the 70′s and 80′s, until I awakened people to the huge potential in real property. Well, there is 100 times more money to be made in intellectual property. The money can be made faster and can result in lifetime streams of cash flow.

In this powerful program I’m going to show you how to be an information multi-millionaire. The program you’ll be studying was actually recorded at a one of my 3 day Info-Preneuring boot camps (tuition $2,995). You get to eavesdrop and learn all of the same information for a fraction of the cost. Start your training program with just a desire to become financially free, follow the steps outlined and before long, the cash will start to pour into your life.

In this program, I want to show you:

-How to become an information multi-millionaire -How to turn your dormant ideas into millions. -How to turn other people’s ideas into life-long streams of cash flow for you. -Make at least $1,000 a day selling “how-to” information. -How to profit from the 5 rings of information riches -How to retire wealthy in 5 years or less.

You are one classified ad away from a fortune!

The above sentence is an absolute fact. In 1978 I placed a cheap classified ad in my local newspaper. It cost me less than $20. My phone almost rang off the hook. With weeks I was making $10,000 a day in the information business. Within months, I was pulling down six figures a month. It was crazy! But it was a lot of work and risk. So, I licensed the entire concept to a company who took my ideas and concepts and repackaged them and agreed to pay me obscene amounts of money to do absolutely nothing!

Every Tuesday I got a check for $25,000 to $50,000 to stay home!

And this went on for six wonderful years! In the meantime, I wrote TWO #1 best-selling books. Now, this all happened before I knew what I was doing. Using this experience, I launched a new business that took in another ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS for the same information from many of the same people! And they loved it! So did I.

The name of the concept was Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate with Little or No Money Down. I put this idea into book, tape, video, and seminar format and literally grossed tens of millions of dollars. My competitors and I will dig well over a billion dollars out of this mine shaft before this idea has run its course. It will take the rest of my life.

I would like to show you how to have billion dollar ideas like this. More importantly, I want to share with you the insider secrets of really capitalizing on your ideas. There is a fortune to be made in marketing your ideas and the ideas of others.

I want to give you a shortcut to making money fast in the information business. I will point you in the right direction and help you avoid the many mistakes I have made in my career. If you do as I instruct you, you will save yourself hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of frustrating wasted effort.

Don’t let the term “intellectual property” confuse you. You don’t need to be “intellectual” or even smart to make huge amounts of money with information. It doesn’t even have to be your information. You can make more money with other people’s ideas that they make themselves……and they’ll thank you for it!

I can just hear you saying,

“But Bob, I don’t know how to write, or speak, or don’t feel I have any information of value to share with the world. Is the information business still a viable opportunity for me?”

Absolutely! For example,

Cindy Cashman took an old idea and added a twist to it and made a fortune in the information business. You might have seen the book, “Everything Men know about Women.” by Dr. Richard Harrison. This was actually Cindy’s book and the Dr. author was actually a pseudonym ( a “made-up” name). Cindy made over a million dollars from marketing this book and now lives in a huge mansion in Texas…..all by herself with no publishers at all. But here’s the real exciting part:

CINDY’S BOOK IS COMPLETELY BLANK. There isn’t a single word printed on any of the 96 pages of this paperback! And yet, women bought this book by the case load-100 books at a time-to give to their friends. Cindy made enough money to retire. She doesn’t have to work another day in her life.

This is a true story. In this Info-Preneuring training program, Cindy reveals the secrets of how she was able to do this. You will be amazed.

Learn how to “crack the code” to your information bank vault.

If you’re in the information business already, you can learn to “crack the code” by using key words in your advertising that can double or triple your business almost overnight. Here is a true story:

A student at one of my Info-Preneuring Seminars shared how he had cracked the code and turned his failing personal development training business into a raging success. He discovered, after months of testing, that the people he attracted to his seminars were motivated to action by a single word in his ads. Once he had isolated this key “power word,” he began to feature this word more prominently in all of his ads….and went from empty seminar rooms to packed, sold out seminars a year in advance. He had cracked the code. He had found his fish with a bait that they were hungry for. Want to know what that one word was? I can guarantee you won’t be able to guess it. It was the word “ANGER.” This was the hot button word which caused his specific target audience to respond…with cash.

Every information has similar “cracking the code” words which hold the key to a massive increase in your profits. These key words for my personal information business were “Nothing Down.’ Once I started to use these words in my ads my phone wouldn’t stop ringing…..and haven’t stopped to this day, twenty years later. I want to teach you how to discover these “code cracking” words for your own business.

A secretary’s $9,000 accounting mistake turns into a million dollars!

Stan Miller loved to collect quotes. He started when he was sixteen and continued until after he was married. For Christmas, he and his new wife decided that a compiled collection of all his quotes and stories would be a good Christmas gift. So he went to a printer to ask how much it would cost to have a hundred copies printed and bound. She said it would be cheaper to have a thousand copies made. She quoted him $1,000 for 1000 copies. He thought that sounded good so he ordered a thousand copies. Unfortunately, when the bill came, it was $10,000! Instead of $1,000. The secretary had misplaced a ZERO! So Stan had a huge bill he couldn’t pay. He took a few to a local bookstore to see if he could sell them but the bookstore didn’t want them…but they did agree to leave a few dozen on consignment. When Stan came back a week later they were all gone….much to everyone’s surprise. The book took off like hot cakes and now more than a million copies of several versions of this book have been sold…..and Stan and his bride are so grateful for that $9,000 mistake because it forced them to make a million dollars in profit!

You see, anyone can make money selling information.

Here’s more of what you’ll learn:

-How to implement a 12 step, sure-fire, getting started action plan -How to create the perfect business with $0 -How to create life-long streams of cash flow -How to get total strangers to send you $$$ for your information in 90 days or less -Make $20 a word every time you sit down to write. -The Incredible Benefits of Selling Information -The fastest way to turn an idea into cash -And much, much more…..

This is the most exciting business in the world!

If you do this business right, within a few months, total strangers will be sending you money for your ideas…. even if you think your ideas are worthless!

I want to share with you the secrets gleaned from my 20 years experience in the information business. In addition to having two #1 New York Times bestsellers, I also taught seminars and training programs. Over one million people attended my free preview lectures nationwide. Of these, 103,000 people paid me up to $500 to attend my weekend Nothing Down Seminar. Over 20,000 people paid me as much as $6,950 to attend my 5 day in-depth Wealth Training. This is in addition to the millions of dollars in tape, video and newsletter sales. I think I can safely say that no one in the world knows more than I do about creating an information empire from scratch.

Who should order this powerful program?

-People who’ve just lost their jobs and want to turn their career experience into cold cash. -People who want to work half as much, while controlling their own destiny. -People who’ve always known they’ve “got a book in them.” -People who’re already selling information and would like to learn how to multiply their current income by TEN. (If you’re selling any kind of information now, I can show you how to at least double your income in 3 months.) -People who have always wanted to start their own business.

The information business is the most rewarding, the safest and the most lucrative business in the world. Let me be your guide.

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