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One Minute Millionaire Book Items

One Minute Millionaire Exercises to Deepen Your Understanding of Each One Minute Millionaire Aha
As promised on page xiii of The One Minute Millionaire you have before you twenty-four free One Minute Millionaire exercises designed to deepen your understanding of what is being taught in each stand-alone Aha. Some of these exercises will take no longer than one minute to do, but most of them are meant to be done with a great deal of thought and meditation. Some are long-term exercises. There is no specific order, so pick and choose as you wish. You can print out the exercises each day and collect them in a notebook, and/or you can write your findings in your One Minute Millionaire Journal.

Select which version you would like by right clicking and select “Save As”. NOTE: You will need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Free 24 One Minute Millionaire Aha Graphic Printouts
Each One Minute Millionaire Aha is a guiding light to your Enlightened Millionaire status. Print out the following color graphics of the 24 Ahas. When you post them before you during the day or place them in your journal or notebook, they will help you focus on the impact each Aha can have on your life. Enjoy, as your read and study these profound Ahas.

Select which version you would like by right clicking and select “Save As”. NOTE: You will need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Millionaire Traits and Habits
(Referred to as the Diagnostic in the book)
Do you have the traits and habits that millionaires have? Find out. This survey asks a variety of questions, mostly about you as a youth.

HOTS Survey
What Part of the Team Are You? The following HOTS Survey helps determine what role you play in getting the most done with the least difficulty.

Are You Committed?
No matter your present circumstances, the first step to making your first million is the commitment to become a millionaire.

Enlightened Millionaire Values
Many people feel at odds with their day-to-day activities. Work and home life are not as satisfying as they should be. Why? If your work and your normal activities are not aligned with your core values, then you will not find the level of satisfaction you desire.

The Toy Story
Have you ever wanted something with all your heart and soul?

Have you still wanted it even though everybody keeps telling you to give up, get a life beyond your dreams, and wakeup and realize how dumb your ideas are?

Robert Allen’s One Minute
Millionaire Tele-Seminar

You’ll learn the secrets of money making from a master of success, Robert G. Allen. Most people wander through life not feeling happy about their circumstances. These same people do not realize that a few simple skills and habits can change their lives forever. In this tele-seminar Bob become your mentors showing you the shortcuts to take, the landmines to avoid, and how to climb to the top of your million dollar mountain.