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Robert Allen One Minute Millionaire Challenge

You Will Be Shocked and Amazed When Two New York Times Mega Best-Selling Authors Reveal Their Revolutionary NEW and EXCITING Program For Generating Life-time Streams of Recurring Income.

Dear Friends,

Hello, this is Robert Allen and what I’m about to share with you is probably one of the most important messages you’ll ever read. Trust me when I say that you’ll want to take the time to read this entire message. What I’m sharing with you could be one of the most important life-changing and wealth creating opportunities that you’ve ever seen …

An opportunity for you to work with me and my team of experts on one of the newest and most exciting programs I’ve ever been involved with!

As one of my students, you know that I’m pretty serious when it comes to teaching and coaching others on ways to create multiple streams of income and build a path to wealth. I’ve done this through my York Times best-selling books, my coaching programs and my hands on training systems. During much of that training I’ve told my students to “trust their intuition” and those “a ha” moments.

Recently, I had one of those flashes of insight and it has changed everything. Let me explain.

My first big intuitive hunch happened when I was 30. I quit my job to follow a hunch that I should write a book called “Nothing Down”. I had no idea how to write a book, let alone how to get it published. Eighteen months later, after a series of almost miraculous encounters, Nothing Down hit the New York Times bestseller list where it remained for 46 weeks and became the all time best selling real estate book … selling over a million hardcover editions! So … as far as hunches go, this was a “biggie.” In the past 25 years I can count the “biggies” I’ve had on the fingers of one hand … and those have been rare gems of tremendous opportunity!

Fast forward to January 4th of 2007. I had another “biggie” hit me out of the blue. Actually, it was at about 3 AM on January the 5th.

You see … the previous day, another best selling author, Richard Paul Evans sat in my home telling me about a business he was launching called BookWise. It’s a unique book club membership with an interesting network marketing twist. He had invested two years and two million dollars of his own money to get ready to launch it. The launch was 3 weeks away and he felt impressed to invite me to be his business partner.

I will admit that I was flattered … BUT … Was TOTALLY uninterested since I knew it would be inconvenient, expensive and potentially risky to join with him.

I would have probably NOT have given his proposal a second thought if I hadn’t known a little about him. Like me, he followed his hunches when at 30 years old he wrote a book that became the all-time best selling self-published fiction book in history called: “The Christmas Box”. He followed that with 10 other books that have sold 13 million copies, four of which were made into major movies! Even with his proven track record and an intriguing concept for BookWise, I just kind of pushed off the idea and I figured that was the end of it.

But SOMETHING in the back of my mind kept “nagging” me. I couldn’t get the concept out of my mind. I began wondering if fate HAD brought us together because there was a REASON that two best selling authors should get together in BookWise! Well, I can tell you that I simply could NOT sleep that night after our meeting. Richard had a business idea that, on the surface, was not spectacularly revolutionary. But, I kept thinking … what if we added a few marketing twists and expanded the concept just a little bit … It could change the world!

After that sleepless night, I met with Richard a few days later and I was even more intrigued AND more excited about the concept! After a lot of research and soul searching my intuition was screaming at me to move forward. The truth is that I love books and the power they have to transform the world. I love learning. I’m passionate about it. What if there was a way to combine the power of books with the transformation of personal growth? AND … what if people could earn substantial amounts of money doing it?

As Victor Hugo said: “Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come!”

So I jumped into BookWise with both feet! I’ve never felt so calm or peaceful about a major decision. This one is a “biggie.” And if you don’t believe me, show me this letter in 3 years from now and we’ll compare notes. I know this sounds trite, but if you pass this up now you may be kicking yourself in the future!

So … Why am I writing YOU and how does this affect you?

It’s quite simple. As entrepreneurs, we all know that the choicest rewards go to those wise enough to recognize an opportunity BEFORE it becomes apparent to the rest of the world. BookWise is one of those rare opportunities, and right now you a have the chance to be a part of this incredible opportunity!

Bottom line … I’m looking for key people to become part of my BookWise family and work directly with me and my team of experts to change the lives of others and ourselves through the power of personal growth. It’s one of the most simple ways to help transform the world AND build a residual stream of income in the process.

Are you one of these key people?
Are you looking to create a powerful, residual stream of income?
Are you a US citizen or own a US based business?

If you said YES then I want to speak with you!

I’m holding a very special teleconference on

Wednesday July 2nd, 2008

at 5 PM Pacific (6 PM Mountain, 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern Time.) where I’ll be personally sharing more information about BookWise and if you choose, how you can become part of this very exiting, new program.

We only have room for 100 people on this call, so be sure to register NOW to secure your spot on the call and your potential position in our BookWise organization.

Let me be quite blunt with you. Some of the biggest and best marketing minds in the world are coming on board with us as BookWise team members! They see the power and the potential of this unique opportunity!

As someone once said … “Fortune favors the prepared mind”.

Are you ready? If you are then you definitely want to get on this special conference call to learn more about BookWise.

I look forward to hearing you on the call … And even more, look forward to working with you as part of our BookWise family!

FREE TeleConference On

Wednesday July 2nd, 2008

at 5PM Pacific Time


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