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April 29, 2004 edition

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Expand Your Mind . . . Enrich Your Heart & Soul
July, 15 – 18, 2004 – Enlightened Wealth Retreat

The Millionaire Mindset
The Millionaire AHAs: Putting It All Together

Inner Wealth Perspective: Magnetic Persuasion
The Law of Obligation & Marketing
The Wealth Factor: Stock Market Strategies
Help Sessions Help
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Expand Your Mind, Enrich Your Heart & Soul
Expand Your Mind,
Enrich Your Heart and Soul


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The Millionaire Mindset
The Twenty-Fourth AHA: Putting It All Together
Have you ever sabotaged yourself? Was there a part of you running around inside your mind setting booby traps to slow you down? Leaving land mines, setting ambushes, blowing up your own bridges, flattening your own tires, emptying your own bank accounts, spreading lies and rumors about you? Better catch that little saboteur before he does any more damage—better catch him and convert him to your side. It’s worth the effort to get congruent.

Desire. Belief. Self-esteem. When you have these in alignment, you are a power to behold. But this process of alignment doesn’t happen all at once. Sometimes it takes years. Other times it takes a near-death experience or some other “close call” to suddenly force you to wake up and get your act together. When you don’t have any other choice—when it’s a matter of survival—you usually figure things out. Whether slowly or suddenly, you wake up one morning and realize that “your someday is now.” You want it. You believe it. The seed you planted so long ago is now ripe and ready to bear fruit.

It may seem like we’re spending a lot of time on the inside stuff—but this is the hardest part. If you can get congruent, all the rest is child’s play. Anyone can learn what to do. It’s getting yourself to do it that’s hard.

Stephen Covey likes to quote Lincoln, who said, “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend seven sharpening my axe.” Getting congruent is having a sharp axe.

Most people get lost hacking their way through the jungle in pursuit of their goals. When you’re congruent, you fly confidently over the jungle and land next to your objective to claim what you have so clearly envisioned.

Getting your act together is the final key to manifesting what you want in your life.

Getting Congruent

** In the next edition of the Diamond Mine . . . Review of Millionaire AHAs**

The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth
by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen

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Inner Wealth Perspective

The Law of Obligation & Marketing
By Kurt Mortensen

A film developing company thrived on the Law of Obligation. They would send a roll of film in the mail along with a letter explaining that the film was a free gift. The letter then outlined how the recipient could send the film in to their company to be processed. Even though there were a number of stores that could process the film at a far lower price, most ended up sending in it to the original company anyway. The tactic worked because their “pre-giving” incurred a sense of obligation to repay the favor. We often see this method at work when companies give out complimentary calendars, business pens, T-shirts, mugs, etc.

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The Wealth Factor
Stock Market Strategies: Help Sessions Help
by Dr. Stephen Cooper

"… 265% gain in 4 trading days…Thanks again Dr. C., your technique worked again for me!”

This is part of an e-mail that I received today from a happy Protégé who was on the Stock Market Help Session last week. One of the benefits that EMI Protégés can enjoy is the ability to participate in weekly help sessions in the “Stream” of their choice.

Nothing beats the real thing. Learning how to do something new is enormously enhanced by talking about and studying real life scenarios. That is exactly what the Enlightened Millionaire Institute provides through the individual teleconference help sessions.

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The One Minute Millionaire