September 7, 2006 Edition

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Article 1: How to Turn the Bust into a Boom

Article 2: How to Beat the Bursting Bubble, 1 & 2

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Test Your Brain

The Code Cracker Hints to help you Crack the Codes in Cracking the Millionaire Code: Clue for Code #2

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Article 1      

How to turn the bust into a Boom! …Multiple Streams

As we discussed earlier, the old way of creating wealth with real estate, the stock market, etc. (buying low and selling high) will likely not work in our current economy. While there are still many ways to create vast quantities of wealth, this article will focus on one of the simplest, and yet most powerful, principles taught at EWI: Creating Multiple Streams of Income… Read more >>

Article 2  

How to Beat the Bursting Bubble

The media has featured several stories about the “burst of the real estate bubble.” Property sales throughout the nation are slowing, which is contributing to a general cooling of the economy. There have been reports on how increasing interest rates have driven mortgage payments on ARM’s so high that many families cannot afford to make their monthly payments. Many industry experts have claimed that the opportunity to make money in real estate ended about a year ago…   Read More >>

How to Beat the Bursting Bubble, 2

The article about “beating the real estate bubble” explained how property sales are slowing. You need to know the right investment strategies in order to make money with real estate. This article will give you some ideas on how you can make the market work for you…   Read More >>

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Test Your Brain

Do you know how to properly set a dinner table? Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge. The letters show where items are placed. Which item goes with which letter?

White wine
Service plate
Bread and butter plate with butter knife
Red wine
Water glass
Salad fork
Soup bowl on plate
Service knife
Fish knife
Fish fork
Dinner fork
Soup spoon
Dessert spoon and cake fork
Serviette (napkin)

Answer >>

The Code Cracker

Do you need help cracking the 101 codes contained in Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth?

Take out your copy of the book now and see if you can "crack the code" being featured in this edition!

Code # 2 Clue

Cross Word Puzzle: Needs to be on the same page with the paragraph and crossword puzzle or on pages opposite one another, not front to back.

DOWN or UP (green numbers)

  • 1. Another or more
  • 2. Thought
  • 3. You and me
  • 4. Little road
  • 5. Make money
  • 6. Enlightened Million Dollar Idea

ACROSS forwards or backwards (black numbers)

  • 1. Little rocks
  • 2. A measure in time
  • 3. Predetermined course
  • 4. Where the sun sets
  • 5. Now
  • 6. Maybe

Once you crack the code, go to and then to "Crack the Code." You are eligible to receive bonus items for the codes you crack! Be sure to share these clues with your friends.

Is there a specific code that you need a clue for?
Let me know which code you’re stuck on so we can feature it in a future edition!

Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth
by Robert G. Allen, Co-author


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