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Feature Article: Top 10 Copywriting Tips

Bob’s Message
Success Story

Test Your Brain

The Code Cracker Hints to help you Crack the Codes in Cracking the Millionaire Code: Clue for Code #97

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Feature Article 


Top 10 Copywriting Tips
By Denise M. Michaels

10. Be Emotionally Compelling…
9. Learn How to Write Great Headlines
Use Magic Words, not Tragic Words…
7. Ask Questions of Your Reader…
6. Write to One Individual Reader

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Bob’s Message

Conversations with God
A Message From Robert Allen

If you happened to be at the last Wealth Retreat in Dallas, I showed a film to the audience called Ryan’s Well. It’s about a 6 year old boy from Canada who was inspired by his teacher to raise $70 to drill a water well for a village in Africa. The 30 minute DVD tells the story of how

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Success Story

After reading The One Minute Millionaire at the age of 21, the story of Paul Hartunian and his 'selling the brooklyn bridge' venture really was an "AHA" moment for me (I am currently 24).

I then began to look around Australia for how I could do a similar venture at home – At the same time, Australia's version of 'Yankee Stadium,' The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) was getting redeveloped. I was able to rescue from the wrecking company a bunch of timber

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Test Your Brain

Halloween Trivia

1. Why are orange and black the colors of Halloween?
2. Why are Jack o’lanterns a Halloween decoration?
3. Who brought Halloween to North America?
4. What was the first wrapped penny candy in America?
5. Why are masks and costumes used on Halloween?
6. What is the most popular Halloween candy?
7. Why are black cats a Halloween mascott?
8. A unibrow, hair palms, tattoos, and a long middle finger are popular signs of what?
9. What is a vampire?
10. What were gargoyles created for?

Answers and facts >>

The Code Cracker

Do you need help cracking the 101 codes contained in Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth?

Take out your copy of the book now and see if you can "crack the code" being featured in this edition!

Code # 97 Clue

Where to find?
A computer is fine.
Ask it to place such signs before your face.

Once you crack the code, go to www.crackingthemillionairecode.com and then to "Crack the Code." You are eligible to receive bonus items for the codes you crack! Be sure to share these clues with your friends.

Is there a specific code that you need a clue for?
Let me know which code you’re stuck on so we can feature it in a future edition!

Cracking the Millionaire Code: Your Key to Enlightened Wealth
by Robert G. Allen, Co-author

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