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Would you like to know Hollywood’s real money-making secret ? You would. Good. Then this will be the most exciting message you will ever hear. Listen. Using my Amazing, new home study course and mentoring program “Licensing – How Hollywood Makes Its Fortune and How You Can Too! I’ll Show You exactly…

How To Unlock Hollywood’s Money-Making Secrets To Find Your Fortune!

Hi, my name is Ken Kerr and I’m the creative and marketing mastermind behind such phenomena as Walt Disney’s EPCOT Center, Tokyo Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Smurfs, Wuzzles, Gummi Bears, Paw Paws, Precious Moments, Looney Toons and the Dancing Raisins. All those ideas were responsible for generating billions of dollars of licensing revenue.

I would like to share a little story with you of how I discovered the money-making secrets behind the vast fortunes made by the Hollywood motion picture studios and more important how you can use these secrets to make a fortune for yourself.

In the early 70′s I was young art director working for a very successful advertising agency in Hollywood, Group West, Inc. The agency specialized in advertising for motion pictures. We did work for all the major movie and TV studios — one sheets, posters, billboards, TV ads, radio spots, etc., the full range of advertising and creative services.

Now since I was privy to the numbers, I could see that just about the time a movie that was in release began to make a little profit, the studio would take the money and ask us to create a campaign for Central and South America. And then when the movie was about ready to make money in Central or South America, they would take the money and ask us to create an advertising campaign for Europe. Then when the movie was about ready to make money in Europe they would take the money and ask us to create an advertising campaign for Asia. Well you get the idea.

I became very curious. It seemed to me that every time a movie just started to make money, they would spend the profit doing ads for another country. If that was true, how did they make any money? It was about that time the Walt Disney company made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. They bought me out of my agency and moved me over to Walt Disney Imagineering, the brain trust behind all the Disney theme parks. My new position was to head up the creative teams to develop Walt Disney’s greatest dream — EPCOT Center.

For the first time I was an “insider”. One of my responsibilities was to work hand-in-hand with the legal division of Disney, in the creation as well as the protection of the Disney logos, characters trademarks and copyrights. And since I was responsible for the creative development of

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the new characters, trademarks and logos for EPCOT Center I had a ringside seat to the secrets behind the financial horsepower of Disney’s licensing and merchandising operation.

That’s where I really learned about licensing, what it really is, how Disney uses it to make a fortune, how to identify and take control of million dollar licensing opportunities. And how simple it is to control the cash-flow of a product and make a fortune through licensing.

For example: some movies breakeven, some lose money and a few make millions (those are the ones you hear about). But the studios all make millions and billions (yes billions) on the licensing and merchandising of their logos, trademarks and characters.

o Licensing multiplies your resources to develop your ideas

o Licensing gives you teams of willing professional to work, develop, produce and market the idea or ideas you have chosen

o Licensing gives you access to mountains of money to promote your idea

o Licensing frees you to do anything you want (remember, your goal is to develop multiple streams of income in your life).

o Licensing permits you to enjoy new cash flow, while remaining free to spot another million dollar idea.

o Licensing (once you have the knowledge) is simple and anyone can do it!

Now you can unlock Hollywood’s “trade secrets” used by Walt Disney, Universal Studio, Dreamworks Studio, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Turner, NBC, ABC, CBS and dozens more to create some of the world’s largest fortunes — and you can use these “insider” tips and techniques to make a fortune in the privacy of your own home or in your chosen business or profession!

Even if you don’t own a business right now, you can use the techniques in this amazing new home study course and mentoring program to make a fortune by starting the right type of business in the right way. You can also use these techniques to buy an existing business (even one that’s in trouble) and turn it around so that sales and profits go through the roof!

It’s all in my confidential manual “Licensing – How Hollywood Makes Its Fortune and How You Can Too!” This powerful manual is filled with hundreds of inside secrets and specific techniques that you can use (but probably don’t know about) to position your business far ahead of your competitors.

This big manual usually sells for $497, but right now I’m offering it to you for only $297 as a way of introducing myself to you — and, if you order it right now, I’ll also give you 5 incredible bonus gifts worth an additional $1197.00!

You’ll Learn “Hollywood’s Fortune Making Secrets”  

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Nowhere else will you find the eye-opening information I’ve packed into this Amazing home study course and mentoring program — it’s the product of more than twenty years and tens of thousands of dollars I’ve spent discovering and perfecting these money-making methods and techniques.

Here are some of the “inside secrets” you’ll discover:

What is licensing and the secrets of making it work for you..

How to protect your idea; your copyright; your patent; or your trademark…

How to make your (or anyone’s) idea licensable…

The 11 biggest licensing mistakes almost everybody makes-and how to avoid them…

10 ways to develop a “licensing mindset” that almost guarantees you’ll be one of the first to profit from new ideas…

The 2 key reasons why people buy-and exactly how to get them to buy your idea from you instead of a competitor…

The Secret Formula for making people respond to your licensed product every time…

Proven ways to make all your licensing efforts at least twice as effective-often without spending any more money!…

How to present your idea so they buy it every time…

How to create value to maximize your income potential…

How to market your idea and make a fortune…

A simple system for negotiating the terms of a “killer” licensing deal…

The Pet Rock syndrome and how to avoid it…

Why getting your trademark, patent or copyright attorney involved in your idea too soon is sure to kill your deal — and how to make sure that never happens…

How to structure your licensing deal so everyone wins…

How to be a marketing genius..

How to finding the right companies and contacts…

How to capitalize on anyone’s idea, anytime, anywhere…

Why it’s better for you not to be an artist or designer — and the secret to hiring them “dirt cheap!”…

How to manage your licensing deals to maximize your profit…

How to target future opportunities and stay 3 to 5 years ahead of your competition…

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You get over 400 pages of non-stop, no-holds-barred, step-by-step, paint by number information, tricks, secrets, strategies, systems — it’s like having the best brains in Hollywood in a box. You can use these techniques to make a fortune in any business-whether you’re a corporate giant like AT & T or a one-man business operating out of a garage (that’s how Walt Disney and Apple Computer got started)!

There are dozens of specific examples and cash-creating tips in this manual that you can start profiting from right away. For example, you’ll learn:

Direct mail techniques that can flood your business with new customers (Several companies have had to stop using one technique you’ll learn, because they were overwhelmed with new customers!);

How to develop an in-house mailing list that pulls 20%-50% response every time you use it!

How to calculate exactly what a new customer or client is worth to you-and how to decide exactly how much you can afford to spend to get her or him to buy from you;

60 proven ways to make your prospects an offer they can’t refuse;v 53 ways to get your message across to your hottest prospects-and 6 simple steps for selecting the most profitable way(s) for you;

18 special techniques for creating advertising that sells;

A little-used, almost foolproof 4-step plan for outselling your competition every time.


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Dozens of my clients (both large and small) have gladly paid me $1000 an hour for licensing and marketing consultation. If you think this is a lot to pay for profit-making advice, then you might like to know that my clients-when they follow my advice-always end up making a ton more money than my paltry fee costs them. You will too when you use the information in this step-by-step manual. And that’s only fair — after all, it’s your business.

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Why am I doing this? Frankly, I enjoy helping people make lots of money. And I love helping people solve problems and take advantage of profit opportunities. Also, this special limited offer gives me a chance to make a few new friends. That’s always nice, isn’t it? And who knows? After getting acquainted, we might decide we want to work together. And that would be great!

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What I do is help you brainstorm for product ideas, show you how to research them critique your sales letters, lay out marketing strategy and in general assist you in the A to Z of success.

For example, within 10 minutes I helped 3 of my latest members develop new product ideas that were totally different from the path they were headed on before. Saving them a ton of time and money.

Plus, if you don’t understand something in the course or you need to bounce an idea off me, or you want me to give an off-the-cuff opinion on a product idea, sales letter or web site, you can give me a shout. I’ll critique it right on the spot. Just a few sage words or a 10-minute brainstorm could make be absolutely invaluable to you. I enjoy mentoring my students who are go-getters.

That’s the reason I’m doing this.

If you want to talk to me on the phone, I may have to schedule an appointment with you. And I ask that you limit calls to 10 minutes and that you call between 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time and 4 p.m. PST weekdays, which are my office hours. I want to do as much of this as possible with email and fax. But initially, we may do some phone calls to jump start you. (If there is too much of demand I will set up a weekly conference call).

But you’ll be surprised what I do in my rapid-fire 10-minute calls. Now, this is NOT solving your entire business marketing problems, redesigning your product or restrategize your entire business. That’s what I do for $ 1,000 an hour. It’s to help you walk through my formula A to Z successfully with one product. It’s to get you on the right track. In a typical call, I ask rapid fire questions, then give you an assignment to do and then email me the results.

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Here you’ll learn the secret brainstorming techniques that the most successful companies in Hollywood use. You can use these same techniques to generate hundreds of breakthrough ideas for your licensing business. Just one of these ideas can make you rich!

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How To Get Million Dollar Ideas The Disney Way and…

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(This never before published Hollywood “Inside Circle” marketing plan and template has been time tested secretly in over 50 major American companies — and has yet to produce less than a 500% increase in the bottom line. This bonus alone is easily worth five times the price of the entire course.

This never before published Hollywood “Inside Circle” marketing plan and template has been time tested secretly in over 50 major American companies — and has yet to produce less than a 500% increase in the bottom line. This bonus alone is easily worth five times the price of the entire course.

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