New York Times #1 bestselling author ROBERT ALLEN will show you the ropes in the lucrative speaking business. If you’ve ever wanted to follow in Robert’s footsteps and create a lifetime business of bestselling books, nationwide one-day seminars, live training weekends, high-end mentorship programs and other mega profit centers, you won’t want to miss one word from the author of Multiple Streams of Income, Creating Wealth and The One Minute Millionaire. Robert will be looking for a handful of speakers who want to replicate the kind of Information Empire and speaking success he enjoys. But only at this event!

It’s possible – but only when you attend my “Building Your MEGA Speaking Empire” event October 17-19 in Los Angeles. It’s designed especially for speakers and information products entrepreneurs like you who want to skyrocket your career fast.


Past attendees have already reported staggering successes after past events with me and my hand-picked faculty of experts:

One woman landed a coveted APPEARANCE ON THE TODAY SHOW with Katie Couric – then watched her book climb to #2 on Amazon in just one day!

Another attendee – an expert who speaks – learned the secrets of “profit speaking” and sold $55,000 IN PRODUCTS from just one 45-minute presentation!

Yet another attendee built an entire career speaking on the college circuit and now fills boot camp after boot camp with would-be speakers who PAY $1,995 EACH to learn his secrets.

Yet another speaker earned over $1,000,000 IN JUST 10 MONTHS from a contact they made during the break at one of my MEGA events.


Now, I’m asking YOU to seriously consider attending my next event October 17-19 where you’ll learn:

=> How to develop topics that get you booked as often as you want in some of the most prestigious venues in the world.

=> How to turn every speaking gig into a sales event – earning you tens of thousands in EXTRA revenues from product sales and “add-on” services.

=> How to become the media world’s next superstar – by branding yourself like the real superstars do.

=> How to travel internationally and enjoy being treated like a celebrity – all on someone else’s dime.

=> How to get a speakers bureau or speakers agent to do all the work of booking you – so you can be free to deliver your material and pursue lucrative contracts and deals.

=> How to become the leading expert in your field – with speaking gigs, joint venture deals, infomercials, press interviews and other opportunities finding YOU (instead of working to create them yourself).

And that’s just for starters!

When you attend my “Building Your Mega Speaking Empire” event just six weeks from now, you’ll ALSO get to network with other speakers, authors, experts and entrepreneurs from North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. . . people who are truly committed to getting launched and making the right connections fast!

Additionally, my hand-picked faculty is without equal anywhere in the speaking world:

* Mega-Platform Star NIDO QUEBEIN

* Mega-Speaking Coach JOHN CHILDERS

* Mega-Branding Expert STEDMAN GRAHAM

* Mega-Presentation Skills Expert TOM ANTION

* Mega-Information Marketer ROBERT G. ALLEN

* Mega-InfoProducts Marketer JANET SWITZER

* Nightingale-Conant Executive DAN STRUTZEL

* Mega-Infomercial Producer LARRY PINO

* Mega-Speakers Marketer VICKI SULLIVAN

* And, Speakers-Bureau-to-the-Stars MARK FRENCH of Leading Authorities

All 10 speakers are yours for just $63 each. Garner just one blockbuster idea from each of them – and what would that do for your speaking career?! That doesn’t even account for the block-buster 3-hour session I’ll be conducting.

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Yours in Speaking Success,

Mark Victor Hansen