This October I’ll Show You How to Turn Your Expertise
Into a Substantial Income, Earning You Applause and
Admiration, Too… As a Popular and Highly Paid Speaker.

Mark Victor Hansen Building Your MEGA Speaking Empire
Where Future Platform Starts Meet the
Speaking Industry’s Greatest Experts & Starmakers

October 17, 18, 19, 2003 – Los Angeles, CA

Dear Expert, Entrepreneur, Author and Friend,

If you’re a consultant, trainer, educator, industry expert, author or entrepreneur, you should be earning tens of thousands of dollars a month extra – speaking to corporations, associations and other groups who’ll pay you big money for your wisdom.

And whether you speak to recruit more customers, earn big fees, sell expensive products and programs – or get your important message out to the world – becoming a well-paid, international speaking professional can add an exciting and lucrative dimension to the work you’re already doing every day.

Imagine being on the platform with hundreds of audience members listening to your every word. Every one of them could be a potential product buyer, consulting client, referral source or other stream of income.

It’s not only possible…it’s highly likely you could achieve this kind of success as a speaker, if only you had the right training, mentors and game plan.

Turn Your Passion Into a Profitable Speaking Business…
Just As I’ve Done for the Past 23 Years.

Just 23 years ago, I, too, started out in the speaking field – perhaps where you are today. Yet through careful planning and a powerful system of marketing, promotion and referrals, I’ve built an international speaking career that’s taken me to nearly every continent on Earth… speaking to millions of people…and earning millions of dollars in the process.

I’ve delivered my expertise to major corporations, the largest non-profits, the world’s best-known sales forces, and some of the most renowned churches and public forums. I’ve even presented to 35,000 people at the Georgia Dome…met famous celebrities and industry leaders… and garnered countless joint ventures and other streams of income because of these important new relationships. My speaking activities have even contributed to the creation and success of the Chicken Soup for the Soul empire, which in the last ten years has sold more than 80 million copies and generated countless streams of additional income. It’s been an exciting time.

But can I tell you what the current reality is?
It’s different in today’s competitive speaking industry.

Corporate training budgets are down. Travel has been restricted. Meetings and events are being cancelled. Which is why you must approach your speaking career with a systematic plan for outmarketing the competition, developing more streams of income…and providing greater value and content for your prospective clients.

That’s why I’ve decided for the first time ever to hold one of my MEGA training weekends exclusively for professional speakers – and for those authors, experts, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to add speaking income to their business or writing career.

My Entire Speaker’s Marketing and Revenue Plan Revealed…

For the first time ever in today’s speaking marketplace, I’ll be revealing my own proven strategies for earning millions of dollars as a professional speaker – plus I’ll introduce you to my own circle of personal advisors who can help skyrocket your career, too.

If you’ve ever wanted to become a speaker…boost your existing speaking career…or use speaking to enhance your industry reputation, deliver your important life-changing message or recruit lucrative new customers, I urge you to accept my personal invitation to join me October 17-19, 2003 to learn career-building skills from some of the world’s top speaking experts.

35,000 Amway Distributors at the Georgia Dome…17,000 Seniors at AARP…
$95,078 in Product Sales at Just One Single Event!

Over three days in Los Angeles, I and my advisors will give you our speaking masterplans – and walk you step-by-step through the marketing juggernaut we’ve developed for landing major bookings, securing important referrals and generating huge product sales at the back of the room. Every strategy will be revealed, every advisor and consultant will be named, and every detail will be shared. And that’s just for starters.

The dynamics of this kind of group is awesome to behold!

In addition, because you’ll be you’ll be experiencing these ideas with other speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs, the synergy and “rub-off” effect should be amazing. At my events when a group like this gets together, what they love to do is mastermind dozens of new ways to market themselves – and others and create dozens of secondary streams of income. Together, this group knows more ways to build an explosively profitable speaking business than virtually any other group on the planet.

In fact, with nine of the speaking industry’s top experts – and me – working on your speaking empire over two and a half days, it’s almost certain you’ll get everything you need to know to become highly paid speaker and successful infopreneur.

If you truly want to become one of the most formidable professional speakers in the field and you don’t join me this October, you’re truly missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

Will you be joining me?

This invitation has been sent to more than 300,000 speakers, authors, experts and entrepreneurs who I know will want to attend this event. Seats will fill up quickly, and I know you’ll want to be there.

If you seriously want to build a career as a speaker, media star or celebrated entrepreneur – and you want to meet the industry “insiders” who can take you there – you must seriously consider attending my 2003 “Building Your MEGA Speaking Empire” event October 17th – 19th.

By the time you leave my 2003 “Building Your MEGA Speaking Empire” event you’ll know more about marketing and promoting, deal-making and negotiating, leveraging and amplifying, than most speakers and entrepreneurs learn in a lifetime. And you’ll have the confidence and connections to make history.

Shouldn’t the world’s next MEGA platform star be you? Take the time to register TODAY!

In friendship,
Mark Victor Hansen

P.S. My MEGA events continue to sell-out and with the incredible line-up of experts I have in store for you, you’ll want to reserve your seat – REGISTER TODAY!

Join Mark Victor Hansen and the Speaking Industry’s
Most Renowned Experts at This Extraordinary Three-Day Event!

Your Future As a Speaking Superstar
Mark Victor Hansen
Mark Victor HansenFrom worldwide name recognition to international keynote presentations to the accolades of corporate clients, celebrities and millions of fans worldwide, Mark Victor Hansen is living the life of a wildly successful professional speaker. He’s not only delivered thousands of speaking engagements, he’s earned millions of dollars from speaking fees, product sales and other important profit centers. In this fascinating and powerfully inspiring opening night session, Mark gives YOU the formula and inspiration to accomplish all he has and more.

Becoming a Headliner in Today’s Speaking Market
Nido Qubein
Nido QubeinIf you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a highly paid platform star, delivering powerfully moving keynotes to thousands of people at major corporate events worldwide, you won’t want to miss Nido Qubein’s wisdom on what it takes to make it in today’s competitive speaking industry. Nido transformed himself from penniless immigrant to successful entrepreneur to one of a handful of acclaimed Certified Speaking Professionals. He’ll show you the ropes and teach you how to get started fast in the tough speaking market.

How to Brand Like Oprah
Stedman Graham
Stedman GrahamDistinguishing yourself from thousands of other qualified speakers is not only critical – it can make or break your speaking career. In this lively discussion of what it takes to “be different”, Stedman Graham will give you instantly actionable strategies for branding yourself and booking more business.

The World’s Highest Paid Profession
John Childers
John ChildersWhen it comes to delivering content and selling product, no coach is more well known than John Childers. From the “chunks” you must know to the equipment you’ll need to the embedded sales commands your audiences will respond to, John knows how to help speakers sell millions of dollars worth of product. As advisor to some of the world’s top platform stars—John will reveal the secrets you must know and teach you how you can live the life of a well-paid “profit speaker.”

Are You Nightingale-Conant’s Next Blockbuster?
Dan Strutzel
Nightingale ConantAs Director of New Product Development for Nightingale-Conant, Dan Strutzel knows how to turn your message into a powerful how-to audio program—and sell hundreds of thousands of copies once you do. Nightingale has perfected the direct marketing of self-help and business-growth information… and Dan will show you what the world’s leader knows about packaging and marketing training and information.

Get Those Bookings!
Vicki Sullivan
Vicki SullivanIs getting big fees as a professional speaker impossible in this economy? Not if you know where to look and what to do. Market Strategist to professional speakers, Vickie Sullivan will share her secrets to finding venues that pay—and closing the deal when you do. Not only will Vickie give you an overview of the sales process, she’ll tell you how buyers REALLY choose speakers, what goes on behind closed doors and how to initiate “conversations” that close the deal.

52 Super-Lucrative Profit Centers for Speakers
Janet Switzer
Janet SwitzerIf you’ve ever wanted to transform your message into millions in revenue from certification programs, home-study courses, teleseminars, subscription consulting, corporate training contracts and 52 other super-lucrative areas, don’t miss this opportunity to meet information marketing genius Janet Switzer. She’s the secret marketing weapon behind many of the world’s best-known speakers—Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jay Abraham, Cynthia Kersey, Yanik Silver and others—earning them as much as $21,000 with a single phone call…$105,000 with a single teleseminar…and even $1,018,724 with a single letter!

Are You a Future Infomercial Star?
Larry Pino
Larry PinoLarry Pino and his company Dynetech are recreating how successful infomercials are produced, broadcast, marketed and fulfilled. Larry specializes in partnering and outsourcing virtually every aspect for speakers and other experts. He’ll show you this extraordinary new model—and show you how an independent speaker with little or no staff can become television’s next infomercial star.

How to WOW ‘Em Every Time You Take the Stage
Tom Antion
Tom AntionA veteran of more than 2,100 paid presentations and the lucrative back-of-the room product sales that go along with them, Tom Antion will electrify you with his rapid-fire array of onstage performance tips and other audience-pleasing techniques that drive BOR sales with no hard selling. Of course, Tom helps you get in front of audiences, too, with his renowned system of Internet marketing for speakers. More than 120,000 professional speakers worldwide have made Tom the marketing guru of choice for their speaking career.

Getting Bureaus to Bring You High-Profile Bookings
Mark French
Mark FrenchLeading Authorities is the speakers bureau most professional speakers dream they’ll get to work with. From celebrity athletes to renowned politicians to bestselling authors and today’s best-known icons of industry, Mark French has worked with them all, booking these personalities (and lesser known speakers) into high-profile gigs that pay staggering speaking fees. If you’re ready to partner with a bureau who can leverage what you’re already doing, Mark French will tell you how to approach bureaus, how to sell them on your services, how to support their efforts and more.

The cost of getting them to personally train anyone is prohibitive for most.

Try paying these experts a day for their services. Even if they would agree to work with you privately, try getting them to set aside even one day pf their time. In a typical working day, each on them could do a deal or create a program that will easily gross a million dollars.

But on October 17, 18 and 19, you’ll have all 10 of these experts
available for more than two days at a mere fraction of that cost.

Your fee is just $695, and you can bring your partner, spouse or staff for just $595… practically a token payment when you consider what you’ll soon be earning as a professional speaker and infopreneur, once you attend this seminar. Over two strategy-filled days, you’ll get Mark Victor Hansen, Nido Quebin, Stedman Graham, John Childers, Nightengale Conant, Vicki Sullivan, Janet Switzer, Larry Pino, Tom Antion and Mark French teaching you everything they know about how to leverage you everything they know about how to leverage your speaking and writing careet to its ultimate potential.

  • Three Networking Meals Are Included to Help You Make Connections!

    Three networking meals are included in our Grand Dining Room to facilitate your networking opportunities with the hundreds of other attendees anticipated to be at this event. Meals include lunch and dinner and on Saturday, October 18th and lunch on Sunday, October 19th.

  • Dine Privately with Mark and His Circle of Insiders…

    If you seriously want to walk away from this event with the connections, deals and relationships that can take you to the top of the speaking industry, Mark will be hosting a small power group in a private dining room we’ve reserved. Mark’s own personal circle of friends, agents, publishers and dealmakers will be joining him in the Private Dining Suite during all three meal functions. You can be there, too, but only if you’re serious about making connections with the powerbrokers Mark has invited. And to insure these meals include only truly focused speakers and attendees, an additional charge of $395 applies. Seating is extremely limited to 75 participants.

  • Complete Audio Recordings Available If You Can’t Attend the Live Event…

    If you can’t attend the live event, Mark encourages you to order the entire event on an audio CD. More than a dozen audio CD’s will reveal every session, every recommendation, every strategy these experts impart—fully organized so you can refer to these sessions again and again. A bonus CD-ROM includes all the written materials, reference guides and presenter and exhibitor contacts all for just $299. (plus $8 shipping and handling) Order the CD’s by October 1st and pay just $199! (program to be shipped 4 weeks following the event.)

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Means You Attend At No Risk!

    We’re so confident this information will inspire, motivate and train you to enjoy a successful career as speaker, we guarantee you can walk away at the end of day three and request a complete refund if you do not find value in the training. Sit through every hour of every session before deciding. Upon requesting a refund, please return all conference materials. Your refund will be made within 30 days.

  • Traveling to Our Conference Has Never Been Easier…

    Los Angeles International Airport enjoys some of the cheapest flights and most direct routes available. Your conference destination is just one block away: The LAX Marriott at 5855 W. Century Boulevard. To receive preferential pricing on rooms, call the hotel directly at (310) 641-5700 and ask for the special rate for Mark’s Mega Speaking attendees.

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