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The Millionaire Pattern

How many times will you spend money today? Maybe 4 or 5 expenditures? How many times will you save money today?

Millionaires view expenditures differently than others do. They treat every dollar as a money seed. They know a dollar a day can grow into a million dollars. And they don’t just get a discount– they take the money saved and put into something that will create more income for them in the future.

Want to reduce your expenditures? Make a plan for what you will spend for at least the next 90 days. Then, every week and at the beginning of every month, review your actual expenditures against your plan. Make adjustments as needed.

On a daily basis, invest an extra minute — a Millionaire Minute — in each money transaction. Look at a couple of options. Don’t buy the first one unless you just know in your gut that’s the one. Ask for a discount, even if the store or seller isn’t offering one. All they can do is say no.

Your exercise today is to note each time you spend money. At the end of the day, write in your journal how much you saved from today’s transactions. Then, make a conscious decision, “What will I do with those savings?” If it’s useful to you, do this daily until you have established the Millionaire Pattern.

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