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Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!
Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!
Meet Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen in person!

Where did you first hear about the One Minute Millionaire?
The Book

We want you to benefit from our new book, The One Minute Millionaire!

This is simply a request - there’s absolutely no obligation. We hope you will join with dozens of your fellow speakers across North America who have graciously agreed to recommend the OMM book to a few of their audiences between now and the end of the year. Obviously, we don’t expect you to recommend it unless you think the book has merit. If so, we would appreciate you suggesting that the OMM book would be a great Christmas or holiday gift.

What’s in it for you?

Your two FREE gifts: The Million Dollar Speaker Teleconference and a Three-Day Enlightened Millionaire Intensive Seminar. PLUS, we are open to supporting you and your project and welcome any ideas about how we might do a joint venture.

1. The Million Dollar Speaker Teleconference

Join us for a FREE, live teleconference for speakers only, hosted by us. For two full hours, we will share with you some of the most important lessons we’ve learned in the speaking business over the past 25 years—and how we have generated a combined $100,000,000 in speaking fees and platform sales. We know you’ll come away with an idea or two that will show you:

  • How to fill up your calendar with more talks.
  • How to double your speaking fee…especially during times like these.
  • How to double your sales from the platform.
  • How to earn an extra million from your speaking business in record time.
This is not a marketing event. Nothing will be offered for sale. It’s simply our way of saying Thank You. You may also invite a speaking colleague to participate.

2. Three-Day Enlightened Millionaire Intensive Seminar

In 2003, we will teach several powerful 3-day programs to teach the secrets of the Enlightened Millionaire. This will be a profoundly transformative experience designed to help you create more enlightened wealth in your life. This program has already been marketed to the public for $2,995. However, because of our relationship, we offer this powerful program to you AT NO CHARGE. Because of limited space, we ask you to register immediately before the classes fill up.

To get the pass codes, dates and times for the Million Dollar Speaker Teleconference and the registration information for the Enlightened Millionaire Intensive Seminar, simply visit If you don’t have web access, call our offices at 888-ONE-MILL to register.

Our simple request...

This is all we ask you to do:

Mention OMM to your audiences sometime between now and the end of the year. For example, you might…

  • Spend one minute recommending OMM during your speech to a group.
  • Mention OMM in your regular newsletter or ezine.
  • Send a short special message to your email distribution list.
Please zip us an email at [email protected] to let us know how many people in that week you spoke to and shared about OMM. Also let us know how and when we can support you.

Once again, we hope you enjoy the book and that you have a wonderful holiday season!

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