The Secret of Getting Things Done
by: Robert G. Allen

Throw away your “to-do” list. Replace it with a PowerList.

If you’re like most people you start your day with a To-Do list which you create the same way every day. You try to make a comprehensive listing of everything you have to do. And then you start by crossing things off as quickly as you can. There’s such an endorphin rush whenever you cross something off. It’s almost orgasmic.

But getting things done is not the same as getting the right things done. Very few people sit down to examine the nature of the tasks on their “to-do” lists. By definition, 80% of the items on your to-do list are trivial.

Trivial activities are generally fun, fast and frivolous. Critical activities are generally more difficult, take longer, and are more important. The truth be told, the most important aspects of your life rarely make an appearance on your to-do list!

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Don’t succumb to the tyranny of the traditional to-do list. Turn it into a Power List. Draw a line through the top 1/3 portion of your page. Before you write something on your list, ask yourself the question: Is this a 20? Or this is an 80? Write your critical activities at the top and your trivial activities at the bottom. This forces you to constantly focus on your critical few activities. Work on the top of the list most of the time. Only drop down to the bottom when you want to take a break. Don’t expect to get everything done every day. A little improvement every day. That’s your goal. Better to write only three critical items on your list that you work on but don’t complete, than to cross off 20 trivial things. A fully printable copy of a PowerList is found on the next page. Try it for a week and notice how much more meaningful your life becomes. Enjoy.

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