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Lorenzo Spencer

TWO Dates to choose from:
  • Saturday, July 5th at 10 am (PDT)
  • Tuesday, July 8th at 5 pm (PDT)

Lorenzo Spencer will teach YOU how to Make $5000 from Real Estate in the Next 90 Days in a FREE national teleconference.

Why Real Estate? There are so many reasons to own real estate. Andrew Carnegie, the steel tycoon, once observed, "Of all millionaires, ninety percent became so through owning real estate." He went on to advise, "The wise young man or wage earner should invest his money in real estate." With an average annual growth of 12% over the last 65 years, real estate continues to have one of the best track records of any investment vehicle. One of the more attractive features of the real estate industry is that there are so many ways you can profit by leveraging your purchasing power. By learning and applying proper strategies, you can control properties and earn profits even if you have LITTLE OR NO MONEY.

The real estate market revolves around creative buying, selling, leasing, owner financing, exchanging, debt restructuring and literally endless creative ways to close the deal.

Real estate investing provides many ways for building and maintaining significant wealth. You can earn profits in real estate through appreciation, depreciation, equity building, income/cash flow, and tax advantages.

Leveraging is a tool investors use to control a property with little of their own capital. I can even be just the leveraging of our time, sweat equity, by finding the flexible sellers and locating the bargain properties with excellent financing so the money partners are interested in the deal. You’ve invested or "leveraged" something you may have abundance of (your time) for something you have little of (cash flow). Real estate investing has always been about terms and conditions not just location, location, and location! Get your piece of the pie!

This is what we are going to do during our teleconference:

  • Show you ways so you are able to find great properties, negotiate the deals, and get the money to purchase the property.
  • Show you how to look at real estate from a different view, how to make money in ways other people are totally unaware of.
  • Teach you how to buy properties at wholesale prices and sell them for a profit.
  • Tell you how to take advantage of distressed properties.
  • Show you how to put together a system that will produce whatever monetary results you would like to have!

About Lorenzo Spencer
Lorenzo Spencer bought his first piece of Real Estate when he was 23 years old. He did it using the principles taught by Robert Allen. He went on to buy and sell millions of dollars worth of real estate. He then got a real estate license and began working as a Realtor. He quickly found that the real money was in investing not listing and selling. He was hired by a national real estate franchise to train their agents nationwide. He owned and operated the nation’s most successful private real estate school for 16 years. He has taught and licensed over 6,000 real estate agents and brokers in Utah. He has been in great demand by many real estate companies to speak all over the nation. He has given over 7,000 speeches in every major city of the United States and Canada and in 5 other foreign countries.

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