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Ted Thomas
Fortunes in Foreclosures

Saturday, July 12th at 8 – 9:30 am (PDT)

Fortunes in Foreclosures

If you want to know how you can make huge profits in today’s GROWING foreclosure market, then you need to get on this free teleconference! There is a HUGE demand for this information, so you won’t want to miss this rare opportunity.

Ted Thomas will give you expert knowledge of one of the most exciting and clever investments there is—Bank Repossessions and Foreclosures. Using the techniques Ted will teach you, it only took him 2 years to buy and sell 10 million dollars of real estate repossessions and foreclosures. You don’t need good credit or a fancy business degree from a university. Buying foreclosures can be done anywhere in this great country. For the energetic, determined, success driven entrepreneur who knows how, the market for bank foreclosures is excellent! There are thousands of foreclosure opportunities every month in every state.

Here are what just of sampling of those using Ted’s foreclosure techniques have realized:

Donald Moine of Rolling Hills, California, purchased a small apartment building for the bank. After a little paint, clean-up and four new tenants, he sold the apartment property for a $150,000 profit.

Chris Scholle from Boise, Idaho, has purchased 7 foreclosures and has made $10,000 to $15,000 on each one is the last couple of years, part time.

Gene Taylor from Spokane, Washington, made $15,000 in 13 days on his first foreclosure house. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? It was easy, here’s how he did it: Gene followed Ted’s simple "Letter System". He was pleasantly surprised when homeowners with money problems called him and wanted to sell at bargain prices. Some practically gave him homes they previously paid big money to buy. Gene found that in case after case, many homeowners were desperate to get their names off the mortgages they signed . . . others just wanted to get away from all the bills they had piled up, and still others wanted to give their problems to Gene for a tremendous discount.

Join Ted for this amazing look into the world of foreclosures and repossessions. Ted will tell you how to find and purchase
the foreclosures before "the auction on the courthouse steps". You will learn the secrets that will allow you to become a
foreclosure insider.

If you are interested in making big profits with repossessions and foreclosures, then you will want to attend this free class!

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