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Ted Thomas


Saturday, July 26th at 8 – 9:30 am (PDT)


Free Teleconference with Ted Thomas, Tax Lien expert!

Wealth Without Risk: Tax Lien Investing Fundamentals Course

Wealth Without Risk: Government "Secured" Certificates that pay you 16%, 18%, 24% . . . up to 50% on your money!!

Ted Thomas, America’s foremost Tax Lien expert will teach you about these certificates that pay these high interest rates, that are fixed by law and guaranteed to STAY high regardless of what happens to bank interest rates!

The tax lien is secured by the real estate it is attached to. You are not actually buying the property, you are buying the government’s lien on the real estate. When you buy a tax lien, you are paying someone else’s property taxes. In turn the government gives you the right to receive ALL of the tax money due, including fees, high interest and penalties.

To encourage the taxpayers to pay their property taxes, the government charges sky-high interest which is passed directly to the Tax Lien Certificate holder . . . that could be YOU! The government even bills, collects, and sends you the money for the certificate you own!

97% of all tax lien certificates pay off in 2 years or less. But that is about 2 years of tremendous interest earned on your money. But what about the other 3%? If you are the owner of one of these certificates, and the taxes do not get paid within the appointed time, you could end up with the actual property!

If you are interested in receiving these kinds of interest rates OR possibly even owing a property for JUST the back taxes, then you MUST attend this FREE TELECONFERENCE!

The call will last 90 minutes and will be jam packed with useful and profitable information that you can use almost immediately!

Be sure to have a pencil and paper handy to take lots of notes while on the call.

This information may make the difference for you as it did for Janice Knetzger of Clear Lake California who purchaseda Tax Deed in Michigan for only $422. The property owner failed to step forward and pay the delinquent taxes and forfeited the property, a single family home, to Janice who later sold that property for $64,928.08.

Or you may be like Mary Potter who invested $1,957 at her first Tax Lien sale in Ft. Myers Florida and is now receiving a 17% annualized return–that’s 4 times as much as she was getting on the Certificate of Deposit she had. In Ft. Myers, the tax collector had 40,000 certificates for her to choose from.

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