Mr. T. Harv Eker

Tuesday, October 7th at 5:00 PM (PDT)
Saturday, October 11th at 8:30 AM (PDT)

FREE TELECLASS: "How To Develop A Millionaire Mind" with multi-millionaire T. Harv Eker.

Why do some people succeed, why others with the same knowledge, desire and hard work, don’t?

T. Harv Eker gets to the real root of financial success. Thousands of people have actually changed their lives in a single 90-minute phone call.

When it comes to financial success, you can have the greatest tools (strategies and systems) in the world but if there’s a tiny leak in your "toolbox" (your mind), you’re going to have a problem.

Best selling author T. Harv Eker is the world’s #1 guru in helping people develop a "Millionaire Mind" so that you not only have the inner capacity to create a million dollars but, more importantly, to keep your wealth and grow it.

In this profound seminar you will learn:

  • The secret psychology of wealth!
  • How RICH people think differently than the poor & middle class.
  • The hidden cause of almost all financial problems!
  • Why knowledge & skill do NOT create wealth.
  • How your childhood conditioning is affecting you financially today.
  • How to train your "mind" to work FOR you instead of against you.
  • and much more.

And at the end of this amazing TeleClass you will have an opportunity to receive a shocking gift from Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen that’s worth $2,290. Don’t even think of missing this life-changing seminar.


DATE: Tuesday October 7, 2003
TIME: 5:00 PM Pacific Time (6:00pm MT, 7:00pm CT, 8:00pm ET)
LENGTH: Approximately 90 minutes


DATE: Saturday October 11, 2003
TIME: 8:30 AM Pacific Time (9:30am MT, 10:30am CT, 11:30am ET)
LENGTH: Approximately 90 minutes

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"Your wealth can only grow to the extent that you do!" – T. Harv Eker

Here are just a few of the emails Mark & Bob have received (you’ve got to read some of these – their incredible!):

"After the study of financial techniques and structure for 25 years, this was the missing ingredient. Wow!” – Steve Ayres

“I have no words to express the radical changes I had this weekend. You have provided an atmosphere and teaching that I will apply to the rest of my changed life. The world has shifted and you are the reason.” – Patricia Matthews

“Are you kidding me!! In 3 days I talked more to my wife about money and wealth than in the previous 10 years. I have never experienced such a dramatic shift in consciousness from any other source in my life.” – Ed Bowlby

“This was the most professional, well-run seminar I’ve been to, and I’ve been to a lot! In 3 days, Harv manages to change your thought process. There is NO amount of money that would be too much for this course.” – Stacey Hayes

“I would recommend this course to anyone from 9+ years old. I, myself, am only 12 years old and I fully understood and enjoyed this program very much. This is NOT boring. It was the most fun seminar I have ever attended. I have changed through these days. I have grown quite considerably. Thank you.” – Jessica Huang

“I have attended many breakthrough processes and motivational training seminars. That’s not what this is. This works! It was the first time my husband and I were able to share some of the most important issues we have in an honest, effective way. Now we can move forward…without the baggage. Thank you.” – Stacy Wilde

“Informative, life changing and fun! This is the first seminar to give me something to take away to help put into practice what I learned.” – Paul Cannon

“What an eye opener. Listening to the CD’s at home led me to think I was prepared for the experience. Ha! You helped me uncover issues that have been holding me back for 17 years. Now I have the power to attain my goals.” – Cynthia Parker

“Phenomenal! I had more breakthroughs than I can even count. The beautiful thing is that the course isn’t just about money; it’s about life! It is a complete and totally life-empowering package.” – James Garnett

“I studied investment management at Oxford. I taught investment at Stanford. I was with a leading global investment firm for over a decade. I got more out of 3 days here than 3 years of training there! This works for active results.” – Rich Charles

“An incredible program that taught me to look at money in a whole new light. The most intense fun I have had in a weekend ever! Most of all, Harv is by far the best, and most energetic instructor I have seen.” – Ken Dianovich

“I was skeptical coming in, but my attitude about wealth and money took a 180-degree turn during this course.” – Charlie Flack

“More was accomplished in this seminar than all the research and analyzing for the past 20 years.” – Susan Blake

“Before the Millionaire Mind Intensive, I had many self doubts, and now I am VERY clear that I do anything I want to do. Money is no longer a mystery or a hassle.” – Candice Young

“Outstanding! Best weekend in years. Fun, powerful, useful, life changing and worthwhile. I received what I wanted and more. Thank you.” – Dr. Charles Connolly

“Outstanding program. I have been a facilitator for years, and the high level of professional presentation, setup and logistics are phenomenal. A definite class act and very high impact. A well-designed and enlightening experience.” – Rick Shigio

“One word – AWESOME! If anyone has any reservations in attending MMI, call me! I will be happy to sign them up.” – Nancy Petry

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