Robert G. Allen is Working on his latest Challenge And Needs YOU to be one of HIS Enlightened Millionaire Success Stories!

You’ll Be Learning the Secrets of Enlightened Wealth not from a book or tape, but from The Master Himself, Robert G. Allen

When we conceived The One Minute Millionaire, we wanted to create a book that was like none other ever written. It should be a book that provides useful, practical knowledge, yet in a form that is easy to digest. It should be fun, and at the same time, it should be relevant to every reader.

And because we love to go where no man (or woman) has ever gone before, we thought, let’s create a book that is both fiction and non-fiction at the same time. Let’s pre-sell a million copies of the book, and let’s do what no one has ever done: have a #1 bestseller on both the fiction and non-fiction lists simultaneously.

After the events of 9/11, this project was cast in a new light. We realized that we are uniquely qualified to help thousands of people become millionaires and to inspire these people to work together to support charitable activities to improve our world. The One Minute Millionaire will serve as the textbook to inspire at least a million new millionaires in the next decade and raise over $1 billion for charity.


Re-thinking the Road to Wealth

What we created isn’t your typical book, In fact, it’s two books in one-a nonfiction book, and a novel, which we’ll get to shortly.

You may be wondering why we designed such an unusual hybrid.

After having coached tens of thousands of people to financial success, we’ve learned that people have different learning styles. Generally, they are either “artists” or “engineers.” The artists among you are right-brain “visual” learners. You engineers are left-brain “logical” learners. By using both learning styles, we drive the message home more powerfully. Instead of just “informing” you, we want you to be “transformed.”

The right side pages tell the fictional tale of s single mother, named Michelle Ericksen, who is faced with a terrible dilemma. Her whole world comes crashing down when her husband is killed in an auto accident. He has not provided for his family and she is left destitute. Her husband’s parents have money and have never approved of her. They go to court and obtain custody of her two children on grounds that she does not have the means to support them.

As you can imagine, Michelle is devastated. She finds herself in homeless shelters and by happenstance meets an older woman named Sam. Sam has been through her own hells and come out the other side. She takes Michelle under her wing.

The story describes the courage Michelle must find to face her parents-in-law and to make a deal with them, that they will release all claim to her children if she can come up with a million dollars in 90 days. Could you earn a million dollars in 90 days if your children’s lives depended on it? Michelle has no choice.

Michelle depends on her mentor, Sam, for the knowledge, guidance and support to regain her children. There are no guarantees in this world, and as heart-rending as Michelle’s situation is, there is no assurance that she will achieve her heart’s desire.


Two Ways To Millionize Your Life

There are two routes for climbing the Millionaire Mountain: the long route and the short route.

First, let’s talk about the long route. The long route is the safest and the easiest. It relies on compound interest. You can literally become a millionaire by investing as little as a dollar a day ($30 a month). Study the following chart.

How The Investment of A Dollar Per Day Grows Into $1,000,000

A Dollar A Day Invested At Various Interest Rates For 66 Years

Invest In Interest Amount Accumulated
(Hidden in a mattress) 0% $24,000
(In a savings account) 3% $77,000
(Certificates of deposit) 5% $193,000
(Corporate bonds) 8% $1,000,000
(Growth mutual funds) 10% $2,700,000
(Aggressive growth mutual funds) 15% $50,000,000
(Real Estate, businesses) 20% $1,000,000,000
(That’s One Billion!)

Yes, you can even become a billionaire on the investment of a dollar a day-given enough time and the right interest rate. But this is the long route-it certainly isn’t the way most of us want it. We want it FAST! And that is definitely possible, as we will show you. But while you’re creating rapid wealth, why don’t you also take the long route at the same time? Put aside $50, $100, $500 – as much as you can afford-every month, from now on. It’s simple. It’s easy. It can be automatically deducted from your bank account. Then, if you make a million the fast way, so much the better. But no matter what happens, you’ll still be a millionaire-sooner or later. Agreed?

A Dollar A Day, A Minute At A Time

No matter your present circumstances, here are the four steps to your first million.

1. Decide that it’s okay for you to become a millionaire.

Some people believe that the accumulation of wealth is an unworthy goal. Before you begin you journey to become an Enlightened Millionaire, search your attitudes to make sure you are willing to create wealth in a way that will support your inner beliefs and values.

2. Practice imagining yourself enjoying an abundant lifestyle.

All great fortunes are started in someone’s imagination. See yourself living in the home of your dreams, enjoying ideal relationships with friends and loved ones, contributing to the world through your own unique talents and abilities. Imagine the fortune you could create and the good it could do. Believe it and you will see it.

3. Spend less than you earn.

But how? Pay yourself first. Deduct 10% off the top of your income, and deposit it into your investment account. Convert all your credit cards except one to debit cards so it is impossible fo you to go into debt. Then live on what is left over.

4. Invest the difference

Invest your 10% surplus into investments that can earn at least 10%. A dollar a day invested at 10% interest becomes a million dollars in 56 years. In other words, anyone can become a millionaire by investing only a dollar a day-30 bucks a month. If you want to become a millionaire faster, then invest more money or find ways to make your money grow at higer rates of return.

You can become a Millionaire.

  • It only takes a minute to decide it.
  • It only takes a minute to visualize it.
  • It only takes a minute to save it.
  • It only takes a minute to invest it.

A dollar a day-a minute at a time-you can get there. Slowly but surely.


Now lets talk about the fast way. It relies on compound leverage.

In the whole world of money there are only four major ways of becoming a millionaire. No matter what your background, you can learn to master one of these areas.

1. Investment Mountain: accumulating and trading shares of stock/options
2. Real Estate Mountain: owning, renting and selling real estate properties
3. Business Mountain: Marketing products, services, or ideas.
4. Internet Mountain: expanding possibilities.

We call this the Mountain Range of Wealth. A lot of routes can be taken to the top of each mountain.

For now, just be aware of the four major money mountains. Make an initial “gut” decision to choose one mountain-something that you sense is going to be your primary investment vehicle. Suppose you were enrolled in a University of Money. Which of the four money mountains would be your major? Which would be your minor? Which one interests you the most? Which one scares you the most?

Imagine yourself in conversation five years from now. Try these words on for size.

“I made my millions in real estate”
“I made my millions in the stock market”
“I made my millions with my book and seminar business”
“I made my millions on the Internet”

Which one/one’s seems right to you? Okay. You’re congruent. You’re motivated. Do you know what Millionaire Mountain you should climb first. We’ve already shared with you that there are only a few Millionaire Mountains.

But each of these Millionaire Mountains has several routes or tracks to the top. Each individual track is a unique, systematic way of creating wealth. If you’re not aware of these business tracks, you can’t use them. (Just like if you had never seen an automobile before, you wouldn’t be able to imagine how useful it could be to you.)

No matter the Money Mountain, there is a faster, quicker, less-painful way to reach the top! To become a millionaire the FAST WAY you need leverage.

Leverage equals speed. If you want to create wealth, you need leverage. Lots of it. There are three parts to leverage. The first part is the objective (the Dream) that you intend to bring into reality. The Enlightened Millionaire focuses on a dream that advances humanity; it adds value. In this way, every dollar earned is an “enlightened” one. In addition, the precessional events are always positive, and, as the dollars mount to millions, a sense of gratitude permeates the Enlightened Millionaire’s being.

The second part is the fulcrum. That is you. You are the object upon which the lever pivots. Without you there is no height to the lever and the objective will never move, no matter how long the lever or how much force is applied to the lever.

The third part is the lever itself. When the objective and the fulcrum are in place, success depends on the length and strength of the lever. Assuming the lever is strong, it is all about the length of the lever. The longer the lever, the less force that is needed to move the object. A long lever works easier and faster than a short one.

Enlightened Millionaires know speed is the new currency of business. Hence, Enlightened Millionaires create very long and strong levers.

The Longer The Lever, The Greater The Impact

A movie star makes a movie once. The leverage comes when thousands of prints are made and the movie is shown all over the world. The money comes when millions of people pay to view it.

A baseball player plays baseball. The leverage comes when he is watched by tens of thousands of fans at the stadium and viewed nationally on television. The large salary a ball player makes comes from the revenues of this leverage.

Teachers, on the other hand, usually have twenty-five to forty students per class. They have very little leverage, and thus their salary is relatively low. Both the baseball player and the teacher add value (with the teacher genarally seen as adding more value), yet the baseball player has the greater leverage, and thus is able to demand and recieve more money for his services than a teacher.

All large sums of money embrace the generalized principals of leverage. For example, the first volume of chicken soup for the soul added lots of value. It was a book that was written once, yet it was purchased by millions. Once the book became a hit, the authors were able to leverage the “chicken soup” brand into many other books. (e.g., chicken soup for the teenage soul) as well as other products, like the chicken soup calendars. Tens of millions of these products have been and are continuing to be sold. This leverage creates continuous income streams not only to the authors but also to the publishers, distributors, book stores, and many others.

The book nothing down explains the power of leverage in real estate. For example, if you put 10% down on a $200,000 home that goes up in value by 5% in one year, then the property is worth $210,000. You get the leverage not only on your $20,000 but also on the remaining $180,000 that you have borrowed. Your $20,000 investment has earned you $10,000, a 50% return on your money.

When you are able to buy real estate for no money down and it goes up in value, you have created a return on someone elses money. Of course, some time and effort are involved. However, computing a financial return on no money invested shows an infinite return. That is infinite leverage.

Leverage is the power to control a lot with just a little. Big doors swing on little hinges. In the business world, there are five kinds of leverage.

OPM-Other People’s Money. In real estate investing we buy residential real estate with 10% down and yet we control 100% of the property. The classic investment book nothing down teaches how to achieve ultimate leverage: how to buy property with little or no money down. Thousands of people have become millionaires using this system.

OPE-Other People’s Experiences. It takes too long to learn it yourself, so borrow or learn from others. The easiest way to become rich is to apprentice personally with someone who is rich. Learn all they know, meet all their contacts, and do what they do-do it even better. If this isn’t possible, read their books, listen their tapes, watch their videos, interview them if possible, and attend their seminars. One idea you learn can save you ten years of work effort. Leverage is about maximizing your results in a minimum amount of time. Therefore, absorb lifetime bodies of information and insight-compressed into instant use ability just for you-in the forms of books, tapes, cd’s, films, videos, and seminars. This is the cheapest and quickest way to gain OPE.

OPI-Other People’s Ideas. When Mark wanted to become a professional speaker he attended the national’s speaker association meeting in 1974. Cavett Robert, the “dean of speakers” and cofounder of this association, talked about how to created multiauthored books. Within a month, Mark had adopted the idea and created a book with Keith DeGreen called Stand Up, Speak Up and Win. They enrolled 14 co-contributors who each invested $2,000 to obtain 1,000 books each. It was Marks first zero-cash investment. He capitalized on someone else’s idea to personally earn $200,000 in that year (selling 20,000 copies at $10 each). Your objecitve is to associate with people who can share with you their powerful money making ideas.

OPT-Other People’s Time. Individuals will sometimes volunteer their time in certain circumstance, but most will sell you their time, talent, connections, resources, and no-how relatively inexpensively. Leverage yourself with professionals who are excellent and unique at employing their abilities.

OPW-Other People’s Work. Most people want a job. They want security, rather than oppurtunity. Higher and delegate to them everything that you don’t want to or can’t do as well. Leverage yourself through other people and grow.

Millionaires are masters at using all five kinds of leverage.

Alone, you are without leverage. you have to rely on your own knowledge, your own experience, your own money, your own resources. This is the long, slow way to wealth. Eventually, your resources run out. You become discouraged. You quit.


A single conversation across the table with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books.



Your first form of leverage is to aquire a mentor. Your mentor has tackled this mountain before you. Your mentor knows the terrain, the challenges, the pit falls. Your mentor knows what to do. More important, your mentor knows what NOT to do. This is the first shortcut-avoiding lost time and money in trying to correct rookie mistakes. Your mentor also knows the shortcuts, the time-savers, the little tricks. You need a mentor.


Most people’s lives are a direct reflection of their peer groups.



Your second form of leverage is to aquire a team. Together, you all acheive more, faster, easier. You can spot one anothers blind spots. You can encourage discouraged team members. They can encourage you when you are down. They fill in the gaps in your skill sets. They can be strong where you’re weak. As a team, you all run faster. A4-by-4 relay team runs the mile about two second faster than the individual runner. If you want speed you need a team.


Someday this will be true for all of us: Our network will equal our networth.



Your third form of leverage is a network. Each team member know at least 100 valuable contacts. A team of six therefore know 600 people. If each of these people knows 100 valuable contacts, then you have access to 60,000 valuable contacts. But these numbers are decieving. It has been calculated that the value of the network is the square of the number of people in it. If your immediate number consists of 600 people, then your ultimate reach is 600 times 600, or 360,000 valuable contacts. Obviously a one person team is not enough. You need the power of a network. In that network, there are several key contacts-people who control huge networks of people. A key contact has “make it happen” power. One word from this key contact and things happen. The value of the large network is the increased probability of finding the key contact. Remember, all it takes is ONE key contact.


You can rest assured that if you devote your time and attention to the highest advantages of others, the Universe will support you, always and only in the nick of time.



Your fourth form of leverage is the infinite network. There is a spiritual connection that links us all up. This is the realm of coincidence, serendipity, chance, a twist of fate. Tapping into the infintite network is the ultimate form of leverage.

Your fifth form of leverage is the use of tools and skills. Millionaires use the tools of wealth-computers, the internet, e-mail-for fast communications, fast calculations, fast decisions. If you want a speedy result, you need instant information.


Your sixth form of leverage is systems. Every millionaire has sytematized, stream lined, and organized the processes of wealth. The most efficient form of information transfer is to learn your mentors system and follow it-wheather you’ve chosen real estate, the stock market, business, or the internet. Learn the system.

When the combined force of mentors, teams, networks, infinite networks, tools, and systems is applied to a strong, long lever, miracles can happen in minutes.

Of Course, There Is More To Life Than Money!

Clearly money isn’t everything. For us it’s not even in the top four – miles behind family, health, friends, and spiritual values. An abundance of these four life dimensions constitute true wealth. J. Paul Getty -the richest person of his time used to receive letters from his not nearly as rich brother that started with, “To the richest man in the world from the wealthiest.”

We agree; one can be wealthy without being rich. Still, a lot of “good” people dismiss the concept of financial success as an “unworthy” goal – perhaps even morally suspect. And with the title of our latest book “The One Minute Millionaire”, we are certain to raise a few eyebrows.

Money, by itself, is neither good nor bad – it’s neutral. Money is an energy tool. Like a hammer, money can be used to build or to destroy. We believe that understanding money – how to ethically make it, keep it, and share it – adds a positive dimension to wealth. Our lives, our relationships, and our happiness improve when there is enough money. Money properly earned and combined with enlightened intentions makes the world a better place.

Almost anyone can become a millionaire, but we’re hoping you’ll aim for enlightenment at the same time. Just follow our proven system and the odds are substantially in your favor to become an enlightened millionaire. If you want it, it’s there for you. And it’s never been easier. Never. We are not asking you to believe you can do this. Let us believe for you. We’ll show you how, with just a few extra minutes a week, a little more effort, and a few extra dollars invested in the proper places – anyone and everyone can become financially successful. We believe it’s worth the effort.

Why We Want You To Become An Enlightened Millionaire

“A rich person is someone who has more than enough.”

Are you willing to share the oxygen we all breathe? Do you mind if someone takes a few extra breaths? Of course you don’t. Why? because there is more than enough oxygen to go around. When there is an abundance of anything, whatever it is, then sharing it is not an issue. We want to get you started on having more than enough money (being rich) by providing you with the tools and a path to make your fist million dollars, one minute at a time. We believe that ANYONE (yes, that’s you!) can become a millionaire.

Our Goal is to help Create 1,000,000
Millionaires this Decade.

A rich person is one who has more than enough. When that happens to you, we believe you will naturally share with others. The cascade effect of 1,000,000 millionaires sharing their wealth (both in knowledge and cash) will positively change the economic history of the world.

We are both millionaires. We have each made a million in a minute – although it took several years of clear focus and action. Throughout our careers we’ve inspired thousands of others to become millionaires through our best selling books and presentations. Along the way, we’ve also experienced setbacks. Each of us has suffered through devastating periods of financial instability – even bankruptcy. These were hard, embarrassing times. Fortunately, we rebounded to earn even higher incomes and build even greater fortunes. We know the road to wealth, from its annoying potholes to its extraordinary vistas. Now, we will show you how we did it – and how you can, too. Why?

We want to give back – starting with giving you the gift of a proven system to alleviate any financial pressure you might have. Life can be so much more enjoyable when you’re not worrying about having enough money.

We want to inspire a million millionaires to give 10% of all they earn each year back to their communities – to improve the lives of others around them. When this happens, it will generate BILLIONS of dollars focused on improving the well-being of humankind. For years, both of us have been dedicating 10% of all our earnings back to our communities.

We can only provide you the tools and a path (our system) that will make it easier for you to become a millionaire. However, you have to use the tools and travel the path.

We believe that it is no accident that you are now reading these words. Let’s work together to fulfill your financial dreams. Join us in our latest challenge, set your sights on lifting yourself to financial freedom (having more than enough) and then spreading your prosperity to your family, to your friends, and, ultimately, to the world.

The One Minute Millionaire Challenge

I am looking for a dedicated group of people who want to become Enlightened Millionaires! I need YOUR help and YOUR Success Story to inspire and motivate others to Enlightened Abundance!

Imagine Multiple Streams of Income pouring wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life. Imagine having the freedom to do what you want, when you want and with whomever you want. Imagine a committed group of Enlightened Millionaires dedicated to making this world a better place.

Over 1 million people have attended our investment/ empowerment seminars during the past 20 years.

Thousands Are Now Financially Free

And now I want to work with you. I can only help you if you will let me.

That’s why I am selecting certain individuals who are committed to becoming Enlightened Millionaire success stories!

What Type Of Person Am I Looking For?

I don’t want to work with just any joe off of the street. I am looking for the cream of the crop. I want people who are Serious, Motivated, Committed, Charitable and willing to do what I ask. It will not be easy, but it will be well worth it. If selected, you will be working with myself and my Team of Millionaire Mentors!

Simply put: The more Enlightened Millionaires there are, the better the world is. By adding 1,000,000 new millionaires in the next decade, I know that the precessional cascade of these new Enlightened Millionaires, as they share their wealth both in knowledge and cash, will change the economic history of the world.

This is our mission: to positively change the world by providing the tools and path (our system) to those who can commit to become Enlightened Millionaires. When this happens, it will generate BILLIONS OF DOLLARS focused on the well-being of humankind.


Massive Success and Abundance

Robert G. Allen
The One Minute Millionaire
-”The Enlightened Way to Wealth”