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"… 265% gain in 4 trading days…Thanks again Dr. C., your technique worked again for me!”

This is part of an e-mail that I received today from a happy Protégé who was on the Stock Market Help Session last week. One of the benefits that EMI Protégés can enjoy is the ability to participate in weekly help sessions in the “Stream” of their choice.

Nothing beats the real thing. Learning how to do something new is enormously enhanced by talking about and studying real life scenarios. That is exactly what the Enlightened Millionaire Institute provides through the individual teleconference help sessions.

233% Stock Market Gain

During our Stock Market Help Session on 4/19/04 I discussed Genentech, Inc. Here is part of an e-mail from a participant of that help session.

"First of all, thank you for your expert advice and heads up on DNA. I bought 4 contracts of June 115 call at $6.00 on 4/21/04. This morning, due to the favorable news of a partner group, this stock shot up over $15.00 per share. This raised my option premium to $20.00 during the day today.”

The price move that this Protégé described represents a gain of about 233%. Here is another…

"Dr. C., I was in our Monday help session today and just wanted to get back to you… I paper traded DNA FC June 115 Call for $6.10 on April 22 and closed today (April 26) at the bid price foe $18.48!!!!!! That is a little more than a 200% increase in 3 trading days.”

Just in case you think that the above experiences are flukes, here is another for you.

"Wanted to share a success story…..I opened DNA in a paper trade on 4/20 with a 120 June call at $3.95. Today I closed the position at $14.30 for 262% profit in six days. Thanks for teaching me valuable trading skills."

It’s all there for you

If you are currently a Protégé of Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen, be sure to take full advantage of the help sessions that have been put together for you. Each week you can be part of a real time discussion of what is going on right now in your major area of study, whether stock market, internet, real estate or infopreneuring. To get full details simply go to

If you would like more information on becoming a Protege of Bob & Mark, click here.

Yours in better trading,

Dr. Stephen Cooper


As a trader, teacher, author and lecturer Dr. Stephen Cooper has guided thousands of students to greater success in trading stocks and options. His site, is an excellent resource for traders of all levels. A free newsletter is available by going to Over the past five years Dr. Cooper has conducted live teleconference courses covering personal financial basics, stock screening, technical analysis and practical trading. He has authored The Online Option Trader, Windows to Wealth, and The Truth About Money. With over 18 years of experience Dr. Cooper is recognized for his successful techniques, his clear and systematic teaching style, and technical expertise.