The Wealth Factor
Stock Market Strategies, Segment 8
By Dr. Stephen Cooper

From the Trading Archives

Moving from the academic to the practical can sometimes be a challenge. But, this week you are going to get the opportunity to do just that. Every day I receive e-mails from people just like you that have learned to use some of the basic principles we’ve talked about here in previous articles. These people have taken the ideas and concepts of trading and actually applied them.


"9 trades all open between 1 and 3 weeks 6 profitable ones… 151%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 16%, 2%. 3 losses… 9%, 9%, 29%"

Becky Jackson

"…thank you very much for the insight you provide to your premium members…my TV has now been muted indefinitely when CNBC is on, as you are the only person whose opinion I listen to."

John Giakouminakis

"Wow! Love that rule of 8. Just taking a look at charts using that, it is amazing. Although I read it in the Windows to Wealth, I didn’t really "get it" until you went through it last night on the last Advanced Tech class. I just love this stuff and the way it works. It is nice coming to understanding the logic, reason and patterns of the market. It was all so mysterious before. Now it is just fun! Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge. It’s really expanded my horizons."

Margret Nasal

"I bought 5 contracts on BCRM and sold with 100% profit in 3 days."

Sanat Bhatt

"Bought Nov02 IBM calls at 65 on 10/14 for 2.75; sold on 11/6 for 16.40. Profit of $13.65 or gain of 496%. Great class, Dr. Cooper."

Charlie Owings

"Dear Dr. C,

…Purchased October $32.00 QLGC put (QLGCVZ) for $2.75 – closed today (23 trading days) with a bid of $12.40 for a gain of 351%. Thank you Dr. Cooper!"

Herb Mayer

"I made 117% on BLL in 10 days. I participated in your 8 week class from August thru September. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise."

Linda Alvery

"I entered the market and bought 6 DJX Sept 88 puts…Well on Monday the market triggered my stop loss first thing in the morning. I was in this last position for a total of 7 days and made an 86% profit. Yeah! Hooh! My total profits after commission was $2340.00."

Joseph Lee

"First let me say that your program is fantastic. I first tried option trading a couple of years ago and made all of the mistakes that you warn against. I vowed to stay away as options were just "too risky". I can now see that following your system makes not trading options the true risk…"

Dalton Black


As they say, “Talk comes cheap.” It’s cheap because there is so much of it. As always, the power to move forward in life financially, or otherwise, is found in your willingness to travel into new territory. So often, I hear this thought from my students after they have found success in trading, “I never thought I could do it!”

Dr. Stephen Cooper is the Director of, a training and support Web Site for both beginning and advanced traders. Over the past four years, Dr. Stephen Cooper has been the primary Stock Market Trainer for Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen’s Enlightened Millionaire Institute. He has taught thousands of students his proven trading strategies. He is the author of The Online Option Trader, Windows to Wealth, and The Truth About Money. He has also authored 10 interactive chart analysis tutorial CDs and contributed to several newsletters and publications.